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  1. Jupa

    FS: SOLD

    Cab sold
  2. Jupa

    FS/FT: ENGL Powerball II, like new/mint, 2/5 price drop

    Pristine condition ENGL Powerball II. Still have the original shipping box and paperwork. I will include the Z9 footswitch too. I'm pretty sure this is a 2017 model, and I'll run the serial number if you want to know for sure. This is my favorite ENGL I've played by far, but I have too many amps...
  3. Jupa

    WTB: WB Habanero (or Firewater, or any WB probably)

    Looking for bridges specifically, but let me know what you have.
  4. Jupa

    '85 LP Custom Info

    Was directed from the main forum here. Didn't realize Norlin ended in '86! Anyway: Walked into GC on a whim earlier, and an '85 LP Custom caught my eye since I've been looking to get a new custom for a while. They were about to close and it was on the top rung so I said I'd come back tomorrow...
  5. Jupa

    Info/Advice on an '85 Custom

    EDIT: Mods can delete, wrong forum. Walked into GC on a whim earlier, and an '85 LP Custom caught my eye since I've been looking to get a new custom for a while. They were about to close and it was on the top rung so I said I'd come back tomorrow. It was priced in the low $2000s but had a Bigsby...
  6. Jupa

    FS/FT: 2010 Fender Custom Shop Clapton Strat (12/27 price drop)

    Got this in a trade, and it's just not my thing. Looking for a cash sale, but feel free to make trade offers (Les Pauls and high gain amps preferred). It's in pristine condition and is the EC Grey model (AKA Ferrari Grey). Recently set up by an expert luthier with Elixir Optiweb 11s. Includes...
  7. Jupa

    FS/FT: Marshall DSL40C (white tolex) and WB PG '67 wire bridge (price drop 9/28)

    Barely used Marshall DSL40C in factory white tolex. Looks cool and unique, and sounds great. I bought it thinking I'd take it to shows since it's easier to transport than a 4x12, but I ended up getting a 2x12 cab for my heads. So this combo has just been sitting around for a while. Footswitch...
  8. Jupa

    2018 Gibson USA LPs, price increase

    Received an email from my Sweetwater rep this morning. It said to get 2017 LPs now, because the 2018s are going to be more expensive. Didn't they try this in 2015? Standards that were close to $4K? That worked well...
  9. Jupa

    FS: PRS Dragon I set and WB Peter Green bridge with '67 wire

    I have a set of WBs not currently in a guitar, just sitting around. The bridge is a Peter Green from 2007, it has the '67 wire option. Worn nickel cover, not sure about the bobbins color. The neck is a Habanero from 2008, zebra bobbins. The lead is very short, will likely require a splice/lead...
  10. Jupa

    FS/FT: 2003 R9, RF #1 of 25

  11. Jupa

    WTB: Celestion Vintage 8 speaker, 8 ohm

    Let me know if you have one of these. Sometimes also referred to as G8.
  12. Jupa

    FS: Bogner OS 2x12 with English V30s, closed back or open back

    Great condition Bogner oversized 2x12 cabinet. It's loaded with the stock English made V30s and it is wired for 8 ohms. It includes all panels necessary for running it either closed back or open back (it's closed at the moment). The cab has casters as well for easy transport, and metal handles...
  13. Jupa

    FS: Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom 2007

    Very good condition 2007 LP Classic Custom in ebony. The '57 Classics have been swapped out for a WB Habanero in the bridge, and a Duncan Slash in the neck. There was a black pickguard on the guitar when I received it, I swapped it for a chrome type one which I think looks pretty cool, has a...
  14. Jupa

    WTB: WB Peter Green neck, in zebra

    Probably pretty rare, but let me know if you have one.
  15. Jupa

    Fryette PS-II, 2016

    Excellent/minty condition Fryette Power Station V2. It was ordered in August of this year, and really hasn't gotten all that much use since then. This is the version 2 model with all of the most recent updates and added features. Will ship in original Fryette box with original packaging...
  16. Jupa

    WTB: WB Pickups and/or zebra humbuckers

    EDIT: Found....
  17. Jupa

    FS: '57 Classic Plus and Suhr Aldrich

    Both gold covered, in good/very good condition with plenty of lead left. The '57 has easily enough wire to be used in the neck position if you want to try that. Aldrich is 50mm bridge, 4 conductor. PPG and cont. USA prices: $65 shipped for the '57 Classic +. $80 shipped for the Aldrich...
  18. Jupa

    FT/Feeler/FS: 2016 Bourbon Burst R8, with upgrades

    I am not in a rush to part with this, because this guitar is absolutely killer, and has a stunning top! But I find myself going back to my two Customs more, I think I prefer the ebony board and heavier feel. Stunningly finished flame maple top, this Bourbon Burst R8 is a terrific guitar. I...
  19. Jupa

    Replacing polepiece screws?

    I have a guitar with gold hardware, and a set of double black pickups with nickel screws. Is it as simple as just unscrewing the nickle polepiece screws, and replacing them with gold ones? Or is this something I should not attempt?
  20. Jupa

    FS: 2004 Epiphone LP Custom BB, MI Korea, Duncan bridge

    Full info and pics here: Summary: - Made in Korea in 2004 - Very good/great condition - Duncan Distortion bridge - Non-original hardshell case, missing handle MLP price: $450 shipped...

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