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  1. Dilver

    '18 LP Junior: Which Strip Tuners?

    I'm looking for info/recommendations on which brand of 3 in a row strip tuners to use on a 2018 Les Paul Junior ltd edition (the one with the script logo). I tried a set of Gotoh tuners and either the posts were too short or the headstock was too thick. The post holes were just a little too low...
  2. Dilver

    Describe your best tone in 1 word

    ... virtual slap in the face if you say “warm” ;). for me, it’s CHEWY
  3. Dilver

    NBD - Stingray!

    Funking it up with this 2000 EBMM Stingray in Black Sparkle finish. Great bass. Big fun. Any other Stingray owners here?
  4. Dilver

    Marshall 1974x opinions - too much amp?

    Played a used 1974x recently and thought it was glorious. Would love to hear from those who own/have owned this amp. Is it too loud for home use? These days, I’m more apt to go direct and not put pedals in front of the amp to get overdrive (more blues/rock tones - less thrash). Worth the...
  5. Dilver

    Social Distortion

    Just got tickets for me and my 12 year old son to see Social Distortion at Pier 17 in NYC this August. I’ve been taking my kid to see concerts since he was 8. First concert was Foo Fighters. Great first concert and let’s just say his vocabulary was widely expanded. He’s been playing the...
  6. Dilver

    Semi-Hollow (CS-336) wiring

    Had to replace a pot in my CS-336, so I figured while I was in there, I’d switch to 50’s wiring. I’m used to rewiring my big Gretsch hollowbodies using aquarium tubing and there’s enough space to move around in a 6120. But a 336 is a lot shallower and smaller, so I had to use string. It’s a...
  7. Dilver

    Duplicates of Gear

    Does anyone else buy duplicates of gear? Whenever I find something that I really enjoy...amps, pedals, a little less so with guitars, but sometimes... I have to fight the urge to buy a second one - especially when I see a “good deal” on something. It’s not like I’m a touring musician and need...
  8. Dilver

    Pickup Cavity Marking

    As I was contemplating shielding the pickup cavity, I came upon this. I read it as: VS = Vintage Sunburst LPJRH18 = Les Paul Junior Right Handed 2018 Thoughts?
  9. Dilver

    Tweed Princeton - Major Amp GAS

    Well, Damn... I think I have to have one. Do they all sound like this? Honestly, could I get that tone from a clone? I have to admit, part of what’s so attractive is the vintage mojo. Piece of history, right there. Also, from what I understand, the Princeton and Princeton Reverb are...
  10. Dilver

    Anyone using Presonus Studio One 4?

    I’m trying to get back into home recording and my wife got me a Presonus bundle for Xmas. This is my first foray into recording on a laptop - last time I was recording anything, it was on a hard disk standalone DAW (Roland 1680). Lots of options with Studio One... too many. The learning curve...
  11. Dilver

    Anyone drive a convertible?

    I’m looking to get a new, well, CPO used car soon and call it a mid life crisis, but I’m seriously thinking about getting a convertible. I’ve never owned one... Anything I should watch out for? Is it just a bad idea with NY/NJ Winters?
  12. Dilver

    Insurance Value: 2017 R8?

    I'm looking into insuring my guitars, most likely with Heritage. They ask that you provide an itemized list with a replacement value for each. The problem is, Gibson reissues change specs practically every year... so do I list the list price of a 2018 R8? Price for a mint condition but used...
  13. Dilver

    NAD 1957 Gibson GA-5

    Picked up a 57 GA5 in very good condition. It’s had the filter caps changed but not converted to a 3 prong cord. These were made for a brief period in between the Les Paul Junior GA5, and the Skylark GA5. 4 watts, 5y3, 6V6, and 12ax7 tubes (look like the original RCAs and they’re still...
  14. Dilver

    2018 Les Paul Junior (pic heavy post)

    I had a little time this morning before everyone was up and decided to do a little photo shoot with my 2018 Gibson Les Paul Junior and the new camera (Nikon D5600). I enjoy modding my guitars, but in reality, this one didn’t really need anything other than a little light sanding of the...
  15. Dilver

    Anyone into old radios?

    Saw an old cabinet in my neighbors driveway set out for trash on my way to work... asked the wife to check it out as it looked like it might be an old tube radio of some sort; maybe find some tubes or caps I could use. She brought it home and it's in my garage... an old 1930's era Philco Model...
  16. Dilver

    Can we get a rotation on the Articles, pls?

    getting a little tired of seeing Lenny Kravitz’s face and the “sexy hexy burst” (ridiculous name).
  17. Dilver

    Where does Gibson get their rosewood from?

    I've noticed that in the past 2-3 years, the color of the rosewood fretboards on Gibson guitars have changed. Now, I'm well aware that rosewood can vary greatly in appearance, but its a pretty noticeable shift and pretty consistent. The color is now more of a pale greyish-brown with darker...
  18. Dilver

    Cheddar the Cat

    ...contemplating the order of my drive pedals. I think she she’s right.
  19. Dilver

    Anyone from Iceland?

    Or ever been there? Off to visit for vacation with the wife and kids. I’m interested in hearing about “must see” stops as well as “don’t bother” stops, especially any restaurant or food recommendations. We’re staying at least one night at the following stops: Selfoss Klauster Jokusarlon...
  20. Dilver

    Anyone here an A/C Repairman?

    Our central air unit seems to be suddenly weaker than it was before. The outside condenser unit is only about 4 years old, and the blower fan in the attic seems to be fine. There’s air coming out but it’s just not as cold as it was.

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