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  1. Michael Segui

    2003 Les Paul Melody Maker

    I just picked up a minty 2003 Les Paul Melody Maker on trade. I originally intended to use it to trade for something else, but I just love this thing and I am keeping it. I just added a Vibramate and a Bigsby B5. Future plans are: Compton compensated bridge in either Stainless Steel or...
  2. Michael Segui

    MojoAxe DC Junior parts and a mint 1972 Gibson Mini Humbucker FS

    I just picked up a 2003 Les Paul Melody Maker which makes a few of my upcoming projects redundant. I was planning on building a double cutaway Les Paul TV/Junior and have the following parts that I no longer need. I thought about keeping them but I could put the money towards a Compton...
  3. Michael Segui

    Hello, from Woodstock, Ontario CANADA

    I used to be a member but have been avoiding this forum because it just causes bad GAS attacks. I just got a 2003 Les Paul Melody Maker in cherry and I installed a vibramate and Bigsby B5. It is my only electric right now (my Danelectro U2 reissue is being refinished). Cheers Mike

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