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  1. Aussiemodo

    I'm having a bad day

    I use the reflection in a window behind the car to check the brake lights, glad the puss is OK , Cheers.
  2. Aussiemodo

    Nice article about our own Pop1655

    Do you deliver to Oz ?? :cheers:
  3. Aussiemodo

    Placeholder for MLP Post 'Rona Group Meet & Eat

    HA! you think it's to far for YOU..... :lol: Never mind, all good.:thumb:
  4. Aussiemodo

    “Dune” Reboot/Remake

  5. Aussiemodo

    Tell me about yourself.

    No, I"M Spartacus ......and so's my wife. :sadwave:
  6. Aussiemodo

    jokes & funnies.

    Dammit, I've earned the gray in my beard and I'm gonna show it proudly.:thumbs:
  7. Aussiemodo

    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    I usually only get mine cut once a year, it grows pretty slow and I'm retired. :)
  8. Aussiemodo

    jokes & funnies.

  9. Aussiemodo


    I remember when they played Thebarton Oval in Adelaide in the 80's. I was driving a cab at that stage, after I had dropped someone off I heard the opening of WYWH and wondered why I wasn't in there instead of working. Never did work it out.... Dumbass be me.:rolleyes:
  10. Aussiemodo

    5.7 mag quake hit's Utah.

    That sucker let loose in 1811-1812 and did quite a number.
  11. Aussiemodo

    Class 5 Les Paul

    Mate, sorry if you took my post wrong, I was looking at the dates on the thread and was surprised how many times it had been given life over the years. I did actually find the Xrays interesting. Thanks for your contribution and welcome to the forum.
  12. Aussiemodo

    Class 5 Les Paul

    The Thread that never dies.:jam:
  13. Aussiemodo

    Police & LEOs

    What a Twonk... :)
  14. Aussiemodo

    The 2020 Iditarod

  15. Aussiemodo

    Time for some shavings

    Oz doesn't exist, they keep telling me....
  16. Aussiemodo

    JLR Jaguar Land Rover!

    Maybe they should get Castle Bromwich to go back to making Spitfires. :)
  17. Aussiemodo

    First mow of the season

    I thought this was another manscaping thread.....
  18. Aussiemodo

    What is your next target? (guitars only)

    I have this, what more could I possibly want?

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