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  1. doitforvangogh

    NGD: SG Special

    Just lucked into this SG Special, it's my first SG and so far it's really making it easy.
  2. doitforvangogh

    Simo is about to be interviewed on the radio

    Simo is about to be interviewed on WNFZ in Knoxville in a few minutes.
  3. doitforvangogh

    Just changed the format on my radio station

    Just "flipped" the format on one of our radio stations back to "alternative" from "news talk." Tons of calls regarding our dropping Glenn Beck, Alex Jones and the other right wing "bomb throwers", but the last one I took really hit home. Guy asked "So, you're going music?" "Ever thought about...
  4. doitforvangogh

    So Who Rode To Work Today?

    It's that time of year. Time to dust off the motorsickle and use it! Who rode to work today? And what did you ride?
  5. doitforvangogh

    Reverend dealer recommendation?

    Been thinking about picking up one of the new Reverend Pete Anderson Tele. Anyone know of a good dealer who carries the line? I've looked for a sponsor here, but I'm not finding one.
  6. doitforvangogh

    Gear distribution?

    I have been thinking for a long time about starting a guitar store in a building I own. Anyone know if you have to go "direct" for product (strings/cases/straps/ephemera) or are there distributors who carry all lines of accessories?
  7. doitforvangogh

    Stupid G0 SN question thread

    So, I've searched and searched and haven't found an answer so I'm going to ask my stupid question here, in a brand new thread. On the G0 models, how do you read the serial number? Do they follow the standard Historic pattern? Or do they have their own special little serialization?
  8. doitforvangogh

    Sonex project on CL

    Came across this today. Looks like a possible resurrection project or maybe some high dollar kindling. You decide. GIBSON SONEX 1981 MODEL PROJECT GUITAR. NO ELECTRONICS OR PICKGUARD
  9. doitforvangogh

    Keb' Mo' alternatives?

    What's a good alternative to the Gibson Keb Mo? I'm really digging the look of the guitar, love the binding up the neck and around the headstock, and like that it comes in a natural finish. But, I've sworn off new Gibson products and even if I hadn't that price tag is way too much...
  10. doitforvangogh

    Slash Gets In Slasher Flick Biz

    Why not? His name is "Slash." Guitar Hero Slash Gets Into Horror Pic Biz –
  11. doitforvangogh

    Refin purple classic? Or leave it alone?

    What is the consensus regarding the oddball colored Classic and Classic Plus gaining collector value steam in the future? Let's say I have a trans-purple Classic. Top has some nice flame. Should I leave it alone due to its non-standard color or should I send it off and have it 'burstitised?
  12. doitforvangogh

    Slash Getting Divorced according to TMZ

    Say it ain't so! Slash Files for Divorce -- And It's Bad |
  13. doitforvangogh

    Fish eye in R7 finish, common?

    I've had my '97 R7 for about a month now and I'm really getting married to it, but there is one little thing that bugs me. It has dime sized fish eye about an inch above the bridge. Were finish flaws a common thing with the earlier Historics? Or is this just an anomaly?
  14. doitforvangogh

    Just snatched up an R7

    So, here is a quick pic before I plug it in and take it through the paces.
  15. doitforvangogh

    Ace Frehley article in Hustler (NSFW?)

    Good article, lots of "inside" info. It's in "Hustler" so you may not want to click the link at work or around the kiddies. Ace Freehley – Kiss Guitar God Tells All | Hustler Magazine
  16. doitforvangogh

    Gibson Electric Guitars In Short Supply

    From the Tennesseean: Guitar retailers soon expect to run out of popular brands of Gibson guitars after the flooding of a company plant that manufactures some of the best-known electric guitars in the nation. The nation's largest musical instrument seller, Guitar Center, anticipates its...

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