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  1. Deftones1998

    FS or Trade: 1983 Marshall JCM 800 2203 Head - $1,699

    Would you consider trading for a rare-ish Ibanez guitar? It's an Ibanez 7 string, multi scale (fanned fret) with EMG 808s, the ashwood version. Plays great and sounds killer, I just don't have a use for it and i've really been looking for an 800 for the longest time.
  2. Deftones1998

    Distortion pedal for Title Fight's dirty tone?

    Hey, could any of you guys help me with getting that fuzzy distorted insane tone on the beginning of Title Fight's "27"? I have a Marshall CODE100 with my Epiphone Les paul, and I can get stupid close to the album tone with those two, but I can't get that Chuggy intro on 27... That tone right...

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