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  1. Caoimhin

    WTB: Black Gibson SG Junior

    I'm looking for a black Gibson SG Junior Reissue with the 60s style pickguard. Let me know if you're willing to part with one.
  2. Caoimhin

    Replacement Fender Necks

    I want to replace the neck on my Korean made Fender Lite Ash Strat and I was wondering if American and Mexican made necks would fit or do they usually all have different neck pockets?
  3. Caoimhin

    How Do You Use a Slave Out?

    My friend has a slave output jack on an amp so you do hook the other end of the cable to the input of the second amp? I've read about people going into the effects loop return but what if the amps don't have an effects loop?
  4. Caoimhin

    Located The Source of Hum but What's The Fix?

    I have a noisy JCM800 and found out the twisted wires connecting the preamp tubes are the source. The amp is quiet when I move the wires around slightly but eventually the wires move back to the same position. There's no issue with the solder joints so is there some kind of shielding I should try?
  5. Caoimhin

    The Best Greta Van Fleet Cover

  6. Caoimhin

    Fake News & White Supremacy in MLB

    Racist hand gesture? I'm not buying it. What white supremacist supports a team with hispanic, black, and Asian players? Fake news seems to be at an all time high.
  7. Caoimhin

    Misfits w/ Danzig

    Power Trip, Venom Inc, and FEAR opened up for The Misfits on Saturday and they were all amazing. I've heard people say bad things about reunions but watching Danzig perform the Misfits was a great thing to see. They sounded so good, it was like watching videos of them from back in the day. I...
  8. Caoimhin

    Uncle Acid

    Just saw them in Chicago last night and they put on one of the best shows I've been to in a long time.
  9. Caoimhin


    Saw them and Plague Vendor over the weekend in Milwaukee. They're still on tour so check them out if they're in your area. The got some pretty heavy shit with a little blues.
  10. Caoimhin

    Can You Switch Tube Types?

    All of my amps have EL34s and I was wondering if I'd be able to run 6L6s in them with just a simple bias adjustment.
  11. Caoimhin


    Never seen Metallica before and got some cheap tickets for the Milwaukee show. Some of the classics they play were Seek & Destroy, Motorbreath, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Creeping Death, Fade to Black, One, Harvester of Sorrow, and Master Puppets.
  12. Caoimhin

    In need of Troubleshooting Help

    I have an Orange I bought that needs some repairs and I'm a little lost. V2 has no plate current but does have plate voltage. I took the amp apart and checked the socket and there doesn't seem to be a problem with it. I've tried switching tubes to rule a bad tube out and that's not the problem...
  13. Caoimhin

    One of The Greatest Modern Rock Singers IMO

    Tommy Alexandersson
  14. Caoimhin

    It's 420.. There's a New Sleep Album

    Finally there's a studio version of Sonic Titan.
  15. Caoimhin

    How to Price a Broken Amp?

    I got ahold of another Thunderverb 200 that seems to have a few big problems that I was made aware of when I bought it but I made a decision and I just don't want to stick the money in it since I already own one. One of the tubes is red plating. I hooked up my bias probe on another tube and I...
  16. Caoimhin

    8 ohm Head and 4 ohm Cabs

    The lowest impedance my head can do is 8 but I'd like to try to run four 16 ohm cabs which would give me an impedance of 4. Maybe this is a stupid question because it may not even be possible but is there any kind of product on the market that you could plug multiple cabs into and adjust the...
  17. Caoimhin

    Looking to Sell Axe FX II +

    I'm thinking of buying the new Axe FX III in the future so I'm going to have to get rid of the Axe FX II. I bought it new in November 2017 and it never left my house. I only added one preset (Windhand) that was downloaded from their site and I've changed some EQ settings so other than that...
  18. Caoimhin

    Mine's Real!

    Just saw this on the news. There's a happy ending.
  19. Caoimhin

    Power Trip

    I'm not a big metal fan but really into these guys a lot, I loved the old school sound mixed with a little Discharge.
  20. Caoimhin

    Tool Talk: 18 volt Nailers

    I've always been a big fan of Milwaukee tools and I'm looking for a good finish nailer. Aside from their framing nailers, everything is battery powered. Does anyone have experience using battery powered nailers? Not having to haul an air compressor around is a big plus but does it have the...

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