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  1. Braciola

    Sold - Please Delete

  2. Braciola

    Voodoo Vibe, Abunai 2, Basic Audio Foxy Lady, Zvex Box of Rock, Bee Buzz Fuzz

    * Pictures Below Zvex Box of Rock Vertical Mint Condition No Velcro on the back Includes - Original Box, Instructions & Swag Price - $140 Shipped & PayPal'd - USPS Priority Mail Basic Audio Foxy Lady Mint Condition (No Velcro on the back) Old school build in custom Hammertone finish with...
  3. Braciola

    Sold - Please Delete

  4. Braciola

    Lindy Fralin High Output Humbucker Set

    Lindy Fralin High Output Humbucker Set These are Great sounding pickups! Readings on my Fluke multimeter- Bridge - 13.49 Neck - 11.38 From Fralin - The High Output Humbucker has the thickest, fattest tone of all of our humbuckers. Stronger and bigger sounding humbucker without being too...
  5. Braciola

    Tone Freak Effects Abunai 2

    Tone Freak Effects Abunai 2 Near Mint No scratches/marks or Velcro on the back Awesome sounding Overdrive! Price - $150 Shipped & PayPal'd - USPS Priority Mail
  6. Braciola

    Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe TC

    Near Mint (just a tiny nick on the back/bottom) Incredible sounding Vibe! Includes Original Box & Instructions. Price - $319 Shipped & PayPal'd Not interested in any trade offers please
  7. Braciola

    2013 Germino Lead 55 LV

    Excellent Condition Really don't want to sell this amp, but I have a couple of guitars in the emporium that aren't moving and I need the cash. If one of my guitars sell, the Germino will no longer be available. Price - $1650 Shipped Will split PayPal fee if that's your method of payment
  8. Braciola

    Sold - '95 Gibson Les Paul Studio - White/Cream

    * Please shoot me a PM if you have any questions '95 Gibson Les Paul Studio She's in great shape for a 25 year old. Just some typical playwear, but nothing major. The front of the headstock has some checking, and the back of the body has a small spot under the pickup select control cavity...
  9. Braciola

    2009 Grosh ElectraJet HSS - Natural - Gorgeous!

    Gorgeous Grosh! Near Mint (just a couple of very minor dings that you really have to look for) This guitar was babied. Little to no fretwear. Plays and sounds beautifully. Body Alder in Natural Finish Scale Length 25 1/2" Neck Maple, satin lacquer finish, Standard Roundback shape (.830" -...
  10. Braciola

    Please delete

  11. Braciola

    Sold - Please Delete

  12. Braciola

    Marshall Astoria Dual - 1X12 Combo

    * Please shoot me a PM if you have any questions. Mint condition. Completely original including the Celestion Creamback. Very low hours. Includes - Original Footswitch w/ Cable, Power Cord & Paperwork. I absolutely love this amp, and I'm currently looking for a head version to replace this...
  13. Braciola

    Sold - Please Delete

  14. Braciola

    Sold - Please Delete

  15. Braciola

    '75 Marshall 50 Watt - Rosemary

    I'm in the process of selling off a few of my vintage Marshalls, and this very clean - Unmolested '75 Marshall 50 Watt "Rosemary" is next up for grabs. Signed by Jim Marshall. I've held on to a few "good ones" over the years, and this is a prime example. Awesome/ Jaw dropping sounding Marshall...
  16. Braciola

    RedPlate OpenRange

    RedPlate OpenRange - 100 Watt - 6L6's Excellent condition. Crazy good sounding amplifier - the best "D" style amplifier I've ever played, including Gene's tan Dumble at Ultrasound. Includes Footswitch w/Cable & Power Cable Price - $1550 Shipped - Meticulously Packed Will split PayPal fee if...
  17. Braciola

    Marshall SV20H Studio Vintage

    Excellent condition Best thing to come from Marshall in a long time. Killer Plexi tones at manageable vol. Includes - Original Box, Owners Manual/Paperwork & Power Cord Price $997 Shipped & PayPal'd Not looking for any trade offers please
  18. Braciola

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  19. Braciola

    Sold - Please Delete

  20. Braciola

    Suhr SL68

    I've had the pleasure of owning some really incredible Plexi clones and can honestly say that the SL68 is without question the very best of the best. This amplifier sounds absolutely incredible! I really don't like calling any used amplifier Mint, but I can't find a mark on her. I'm looking to...

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