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  1. steadyriot

    I went out to buy a new bedroom amp last saturday..

    A little backstory, I'm planning on moving out soon(ish), and if all goes well I'll have a new home before the end of the year! Because of this I decided I should have a smaller amp than my 100w Blackstar because it just doesn't do not-loud, it can go slightly loud, louder and loud but soft...
  2. steadyriot

    Rotary switch wiring help

    I hope you guys can help me out, I'm wiring up a guitar and want to use a rotary switch (it's a PRS), the positions I want to get out of it are: Position 10: Bridge pickup Position 9: Outside coils paralel Position 8: Bridge humbucking + Neck single Position 7: Parallel inner coils Position 6...
  3. steadyriot

    Vintage Hagstrom Pickups, Opinions Needed!

    What's your opinion on Vintage Hagstrom Humbuckers? I can get a set for pretty cheap and want to know if I should go with them or stick my money elsewhere! Thanks:thumb:
  4. steadyriot

    What Pickup did I just buy?

    I just bought this humbucker for a couple of bucks, wondering what it is. Looks like an old Dimarzio (copy?) Bought solely for the low price and the Dimarzio looks.
  5. steadyriot

    School me on Amps / Pedasl for Headphone use.

    So, soon I'm starting my internship in a theater and I will have some time to kill between building the show and showtime. I'm planning to bring a guitar and a headphone amp to still be able to practice backstage (there will be little time to do so outside of the theater). Any tips on where to...
  6. steadyriot

    NGD! Squier Jim Root Telecaster

    Traded my Squier Double Fat Deluxe for this Monster! Really a great guitar, has a nice matte white finish. 2 Humbuckers; 1 volume and a 3 way switch. Still getting used to not having a tone controll but it's just straight up rock&roll! Pickups are great for stock budget guitar pickups! Nice...
  7. steadyriot

    New Cab Day!! Kool & Elfring 2x12

    Just scored this beauty for a great price! These are great quality cab's built in the Netherlands. Loaded with 2 WGS Reaper's HT. Sorry for the crappy cellphone pic: :thumb:
  8. steadyriot

    G12-t75 and Creamback or G12-T75 and V30

    I'm looking for some new speakers for a 2x12 I'm building and I am having a hard time deciding between the G12-T75&Creamback combo and the g12-T75 V30 combo. Currently I have a 2x12 with vintage 30's and I feel the hi-mids are pronounced a bit to much. Kind off fatiguing I play anything...
  9. steadyriot

    I went out to look at Tele's and buy a thumb pick..

    And came home with this! :D Duesenberg 49er Yes that's a black liner! Hot! Sorry for the crappy pic's, I'll make some better ones when the weather picks up and it isn't night time! I never really got on with Les Paul models, the scale just doesn't suit me and I'm normally...
  10. steadyriot

    Les Paul Junior Double Cut Cad Plans

    I have been searching and searching for some Les Paul Junior Doublecut plans in a CAD format, could any of you direct me to some? Thanks! :thumb:
  11. steadyriot

    Tesla speakers.

    So, I have an Amp head coming (AC 50 style) and I am looking for some speakers for it. Found these on the dutch version of craigslist and I'm not sure if they would fit with a guitar amp, so I'm asking your advice and opinion! Made by Tesla (yes same manufacturer of the tubes) Specs: ARN-738...
  12. steadyriot

    Lab L2 Amp

    Hey guys, I need some help here, I can get an LAB L2 Amp for 75 euro's, but I really can't find anything about them, but the little info that I did find sounded good, so what is your opinion on these amps? Does anybody here have a LAB amp and can you comment on the sound and quality? Thanks...
  13. steadyriot

    Old Marshall 2x12 cab.

    So, I found this old Marshall cab on a dutch version of craigslist, bus I can't really find anything about it, maybe you guys can help me out! He says they are "noname" speakers in there and I have found something about "noname" Celestions in Marshall cabs. So, Picture!
  14. steadyriot

    The new Xaviere Offset series.

    Seen them? Gorgeous! XV-JM Series Offset Guitars
  15. steadyriot

    Piëzo roller bridge,

    Is it possible? Does it exist?
  16. steadyriot

    Decisions decisions...

    Oke, I got myself a bit of a problem here (though a "luxury" problem) I have this Gretsch Junior Jet II that I never really bonded with, it's a nice guitar and all... but just not "my" guitar you know? I also have an Ibanez Artcore I love to death! Today i was surfing on a website called...
  17. steadyriot

    GFS now sells DIY guitar kits?

    So, I went on the GFS website and I found out they sell kits to build your own guitar now? Sounds like a great first-time build to me! Set neck Les Paul and SG(!!) kits, v's tele's and strats! I have never seen a set neck SG kit before.. To bad it's basswood!
  18. steadyriot

    Xaviere XV-620

    So, I was looking on the GFS website, and found this beauty: (Yes it's PINK!) But, how good is the quality of this guitar? Comparable to Squier? or even MiM? Because i heard a lot of good things about Xaviere. So yeah, that's what i want to know! Thanks. :)
  19. steadyriot

    Just took the neck off of my Electromatic,

    And it seems some asian guy in the factory went berserk on this thing with a drillpress :shock: And is this some kind of miniature shim on the neck?
  20. steadyriot

    Help me out guys!

    So, i'm in love with the ibanez "les paul" models. but i cant seem to choose between two models. Because the thing that worries me. Is the fact that i don't really know the difference between these two. My fear is that its basically the same model but just with a bit fancier look (like the...

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