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  1. bwillard


    Another NUGD for me. Here is my latest - a 1997 BluesHawk: I picked it up at that auction in Casper, WY that was talked about in another thread. It's a pretty cool little guitar (the smallest semi-hollowbody I own). It also has the Varitone circuit which allows some really different tones...
  2. bwillard


    Another Used Guitar Day for me. Here is my 2017 ES-275 P-90 VOS Limited Edition: It's a 2017 but it looks like new. No scratches or dents at all! It's a hollow body with P-90s - a combo that I didn't have previously. It's a pretty plain top too: It has the cool 1940s look to it. It...
  3. bwillard


    Another New Used Guitar Day for me! Here is my 2015 Les Paul ES in Cobra Burst: I absolutely LOVE this color It doesn't show up well in the picture, but you can see the wood grain through the finish Another winner!
  4. bwillard

    NGD ES-339 Limited Edition Figured

    So my wife bought me an ES-335 for Christmas (best wife ever) but I already have an ES-335. So, with her permission, I traded it in for this - 2018 ES-339 Limited Edition Figured in Denim: It has a beautiful top, and I LOVE the color: The neck is green! The paperwork and Certificate...
  5. bwillard


    Another NGD (to me anyway - it's a used guitar). Here is my latest - a 2006 BFG in Translucent Black: A P-90 in the neck and a Burstbucker 3 in the bridge. I'm not sure that I'm crazy about the Burstbucker 3, but I do love the P-90. BFG stands for Barely Finished Guitar. The maple...
  6. bwillard

    WTB Gibson BFG knobs

    This is a long shot, but does anyone have the BFG wood knobs (2 volume and 1 tone) that they would be looking to sell? I just purchased a used BFG without the original knobs. Ugly as they may be, I want the original knobs. Let me know. Thanks!
  7. bwillard


    Another NGD for me! Here is my 2017 Ocean Water Green High Performance Classic: Close up: Even the back is green: It came with the cool aluminum case: This one plays like a dream! It took me a while to find the High Performance model since no one stocks it (and everyone seems to...
  8. bwillard


    I finally found a rack that can hold most of my collection! It's a New Rack Day for me! It made my music room feel HUGE having all of them off of the floor! Ben
  9. bwillard

    Best Strap for an ES-175?

    Anyone have a recommendation for an ES-175 strap? My ES-175 is like the originals - no strap button on the neck. I'd need something that would attach around the nut. Suggestions?
  10. bwillard


    Another New Used Guitar Day for me! Here is my latest - a 2003 ES-137 Classic in Blues Burst: It has the cool "C" inlay at the 12th fret: And a neck and back that are almost as pretty as the front: Flamey one piece!: It's in pretty nice shape for a 2003. The case, on the other...
  11. bwillard


    Another New Old Guitar Day for me. Here is my new 2003 Limited Edition Platinum SG: It is all Platinum including the knobs, switch tip, and pick guard: Even the case is Platinum! And of course the back: I've been looking for one of these for years. Most of them have...
  12. bwillard

    Ngd #2 - es-335

    Here is NGD #2, an ES-335 in Sunset Burst. I actually got this one last weekend: I LOVE this color. Just like the old ones with the purply Mickey Mouse ears: Even has the Sunset Burst on the back: And the crown inlay: Got a STEAL of a deal at the Guitar-A-Thon in Las...
  13. bwillard

    NGD - Midtown Standard

    Actually, I've had it for about two months but the weather in Utah has been less than pleasant. Here is my new 2015 Midtown Standard in Pelham blue: The head stock actually says Midtown Model. I don't think that Gibson has done a different silkscreen in years: This one is...
  14. bwillard

    Gibson Reissues The Voodoo

    Does anyone have information about the new Voodoo guitar from Gibson? I can't seem to find information but it looks like Wildwood has a couple in stock.
  15. bwillard

    N(to me)GD

    Behold! My latest acquisition. It's a 2006 ES-175: The previous owner installed Lollar pickups - a Charlie Christian in the neck and a P90 in the bridge: The sides have flamed maple: Even the back is flamed: This one is a Jazz monster!
  16. bwillard

    Gibson 2015 Test Drive

    I received a notice from Gibson about their test drive event for the 2015 guitars in Salt Lake City, UT yesterday: Apparently Gibson is so proud of their 2015 guitars that they didn't even show up! Wait - maybe I missed something. If the G-Force will tune the guitars for you maybe...
  17. bwillard


    It's another New Old Guitar Day for me. Here is my new (to me) 2003 SG Voodoo: The red python case is really cool It looks black But it actually has red filler It has a skull inlay And a red logo I've been looking for one of these for years. I...
  18. bwillard


    Anyone want to buy a fake pawn shop Gibson? GIBSON ELECTRIC GUITAR It comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee!
  19. bwillard

    Groovy NGD!

    It's a Groovy NGD - my new 2014 Les Paul Peace! It has peace symbol knobs, an engraved tail piece, and is Placid Purple It came with a totally far-out hemp case It even has tye-dye on the interior!
  20. bwillard

    NGD 2015 Junior

    I already put my flame suit on for this one. My new 2015 Junior! It has everything needed to get the traditionalists blood boiling - brass nut - G-Force Tuners - wider neck - hologram - extra thick wire harness - scribble on headstock - and to top it off SPOCK'S COFFIN! It looks like a...

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