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    Gibson Les Paul Standard - Should I Send Back Again?

    I have one of these and mine has no issues (it came from Sweetwater).
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    SOLD 2019 Gibson Les Paul 1954 Goldtop Reissue Custom Shop*

    In excellent + condition. Only a few Months old. Never gigged. $3,050.00 shipped/Paypaled here on MLPF. Please PM me if interested. Also please check my feedback on reverb. Thanks! Reverb link: 2019 Gibson 1954 Les Paul Goldtop Custom Shop VOS
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    SOLD PRS McCarty 594 Semi Hollow Limited Edition 2018**

    As new. Will sell here for $3000 shipped and Paypaled to lower 48 only. NO trades please. In mint condition. Only 2 months old. Reverb link: PRS Paul Reed Smith McCarty 594 Semi Hollow Body Limited Edition 2018 McCarty Sunburst
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    SOLD 2014 Wildwood Featherweight '58 Les Paul/Deal**

    SOLD. On Reverb, Will sell here for $3300.00 shipped and PP'ed to lower 48 only. NO Trade Please. Excellent condition. 8 lb. 2 oz. Thanks! Link:2014 Gibson 1958 Gibson Les Paul standard Custom Shop R8 Wildwood Featherweight Gloss 2014
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    FS: 2018 Les Paul Goldtop 1956 Custom Shop**

    Thanks Man! These new ones are special.
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    FS: 2018 Les Paul Goldtop 1956 Custom Shop**

    Basically brand new with all goodies. $3500 shipped and PP'ed to lower 48 only. Not looking for ANY trades. Thanks! reverb link: Gibson 1956 R6 Goldtop Les Paul 2018 Goldtop VOS
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    ES335: original 1974 vs 2015 ‘61 flame maple VOS

    I have a '74 and I promise the '74 will sound better. The MHS pickups they are using now just suck IMO. They sound nasally and just don't breathe like the older PU's. The 1 9/16" nut width gets so much negative publicity but it is a non-issue for me and I have big hands/fat fingers. Please...
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    2017 Gibson Les Paul 1958 Reissue Made to Measure Green Lemon VOS

    Nice! My 2017 MTM '59 is truly amazing. Without question the best reissue I've owned and I've owned more than a few.
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    SOLD---2014 1959 Gibson ES345 ES-345 VOS Historic Burst*

    Excellent condition. Please click on reverb link below for details. Would do $3200 shipped and PP'ed to lower 48 only here on MLP forum. No trade offers please, Thanks! B.B. King approved! Reverb link: 2014 Gibson Memphis 1959 '59 ES345 ES-345TD VOS Historic Burst
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    2016 Les Paul Standard/Killer Flame

    Amazing top... Pretty much mint. No foreswear. Super, super clean. One or two small blemishes on back that won't photograph. Weighs 8 lb. 10 oz. Comes with OHSC like new. Would do $1790.00 shipped and Paypaled to lower 48 only. Only trades I consider is for an R7 or R8 and I'd add cash. Don't...

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