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  1. The Duke

    Goldtop LOVE! Post them!

    Here is my 1969 Les Paul GT. Post yours here!
  2. The Duke

    Star shaped guitars

    I want that guitar!!! I love the looks of it so much! Please post your fav
  3. The Duke

    Marshall Astoria Custom!!!

    WOW!!! I have this amp for a few months now and I have to say it's a monster!!! I honestly think this is one of Marshall's best amps. I really wasn't sure about this amp in the beginning. I've seen all the demo's on-line and none really impress me. Some review were raving about this amp so I...
  4. The Duke

    Calling to all you cc2 owners.

    I thought it will be a nice idea to open a cc2 owners club to celebrate this wonderful guitar on Facebook. If you own one please feel free to join :) Just type in Gibson Les Paul CC2 Goldie owners club.
  5. The Duke

    WTB: PAF's

    Looking for a nice pair of PAF's
  6. The Duke

    Joe Perry/Slash 59. Show them!

  7. The Duke

    My beloved Gil Yaron

    Here is my Gil Yaron. It's from 2012 and I'm so happy I managed to put my hands on one as Gil stopped making them. I played a couple of bursts in my life. I must say that this one is the closest one I own that playes and feels like a real one. Gil's attention to details is remarkable. This...
  8. The Duke

    One has to go. Help!

    Hi everyone, I never thought that I'll be thinking of selling one but I'm setting up my business. Low income + hight expenses = ? IMO the Goldie is one of Gibson's best 59 Reissues. They both look and sound amazing and I still believe the Goldie's got that magic to them that I couldn't find in...
  9. The Duke

    WTB: 1959 LP replica

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy an accurate replica.Old growth mahogany, Braz board, ets... Would prefer an known respectable builder but I'm open to new ones too. Please PM me Cheers.
  10. The Duke

    2006 R9 Ageing project

    Hi all, I just wanted to share with you my work on this guitar and hear your thoughts and tips. Parts: Tuners are from fake 58 Vintage 1959 Volume and tone knobs Bare knuckle PG bridge pickup and covers Out of phased stock neck pickup The guitar sound absolutely amazing. Very loud...
  11. The Duke

    NAD: Marshall JVM 410 JS

    Wow guys! This is one amazing amp! I used to own a JVM and it was great but this one is in a whole different level. All the channels are amazing but channel 2 is a killer!!! I'll write a proper tone review when I'll come down:laugh2: In the meantime go to your local guitar store and check one...
  12. The Duke

    Fs: Marshall sl 5

    Hi All, This amazing sounding SL 5 is for sale. It's in brand new condition and he sounds fantastic. :slash: 375£ Local collection in London Cheers
  13. The Duke

    Help: PAF or Wizz, ox4 etc...

    Hi guys, I really need your help on this matter. I'm looking into buying a set of short magnet PAF's. Are they really worth it in compare to wizz or ox4? Will they sound better ? Are the wizz or ox4 built the same as the real PAF's and sound the same??? Help!
  14. The Duke

    WTB Goldie

    Hi all, If you have one for sale or seen one for sale please let me know. Cheers:)
  15. The Duke

    Iron Maiden Wasted Years cover Hi All, Would love to hear from you. I love Adrian's playing and I hope i managed to get some of Adrian's magic on this cover. Cheers!
  16. The Duke

    Having fun in the sun!

    Sunny day out with the Goldies!! Still one of the best Les Pauls I've ever played. Get your Goldies together and load some images.
  17. The Duke

    Ngd: Lado earth

    HI guys, This is a childhood dream coming true! It's been specially made by Joe himself and took 4 months to built. I've been a big Iron maiden and Adrian smith fan for a long time and always wanted one of these. Specs have changes with the years so I had to ask Joe to make a few amendment to...
  18. The Duke

    WTB: Lado guitar.

    Hi there, Very interested in buying a vintage lado. Falcon, earth, rocker. From me a PM with pics if you have one and want to sell. Cheers
  19. The Duke

    Perry aged. Not too shabby

    So I bumped into the thread about Perry's amendments. Not a big fan but I think the photo are great! they show the flam very well and there are not a loot of photo's out there to show it. I've added my Aged perry next to them as I think Gibson have done a great job on this run, including, of...
  20. The Duke

    Anybody making an historic makeover in the UK?

    I'm looking for somebody in the uk that will make a complete package .

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