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    Leep LP Class 5 Murphy or trade for R9

    Sorry title should be "Keep" not "Leep" don't know how to change it. I own a LP Class 5 Murphy Burst. I have a chance to buy a LP R9 if I trade and add a bunch of $. The Class 5 is really fancy (Murphy painted) with burstbuckers. The R9 is a teaburst but has really mismatched top. I know it...
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    Should I add ES339 to Les Paul?

    I currently have a Les Paul Traditional. Have a chance to get an ES 339 at a good price. I don't play out. Just play for fun and a hobby. Can't decide if I should get a 339. Are they too similar? Will I be disappointed in the 339? Don't really need one. Just kinda have an itch for one. Thoughts?

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