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    Please Tell Me What I Have Here - Pickup Wiring

    My approach involves a pot spanner, screwdriver, wire snips and a bin... Seriously though, just start unsoldering everything, starting with whatever is easiest to get at first. No point trying to work it out,. Rewiring a guitar is dead easy.
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    The Song Name Game

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    Putting a boost in an effects loop?

    OD in the loop increases volume up to the point where you're overdriving the valves, then it's just more distortion. If youre having trouble being heard, try LESS gain and trimming back eq frequencies that overlap other instruments in the mix. What sounds great in isolation at home, rarely works...
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    The Song Name Game

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    If in doubt, walk away. There are plenty around.
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    New to the forum

    Welcome. Guessing you're in the UK. Good place for bits n pieces - pots, caps, screws, jackplates, etc - is AxesRUs. Before throwing sheckles at pickups, as said, adjustment. Good starting point is neck 4mm under open strings, bridge 3mm. Tweek from there. If you're going to get into changing...
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    Who here runs a stereo rig?

    Yes,. I was actually coming back to edit my post. As you're going through a mixer, an old recording/mixing 'trick' that might prove valuable is to set your sound up, in mono - no panning, better still, through one speaker. Tweek the eq, so you can distinguish between the two amps, they don't...
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    Who here runs a stereo rig?

    Different kind of stereo , here. Been using a rackmount setup for nearly three decades, based around a Triaxis pre... Technically, it's just dual mono unless I use stereo effects. Main thing to watch out for is phasing issues when using two speakers. Sound fine in one spot, but stand somewhere...
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    The Song Name Game

    I think some people could use reading lessons.
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    The Song Name Game

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    The Song Name Game

    Same guitarist/songwriter as my previous posts
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    Gibson's next legal target - Collings Guitar

    Obviously, can't afford to go after Yamaha.
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    The Song Name Game

    Keep setting em up
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    The Song Name Game

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    Does the PCB affect sound quality?

    Aside from the durability, you're limited by the tolerances of the components. Hopefully, PCB parts use tighter tolerances than 'free range' parts. Point is, if a 500k pot is at bottom of spec, you can change it easily, not so much on a PCB.
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    The Song Name Game

    Sorry, it HAD to be done.
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    Telegib Wiring Question

    Probably same as a Telecaster, just using different value pots and caps. FWIW, I built a HSS Strat with stacked coil singles and SD 59, back in the 90s, with a master volume and tone. I just used 500k pots and a 0.022uF cap wired as per a Tele. Not excessively bright.
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    The Song Name Game

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    Anyone tried Tonerider Rocksongs?

    Good luck with that. The guitar I'm putting em in had that wiring. It's a good learning exercise. Been there, done it, never again. The guitar is just something I keep around for testing ideas out.
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    The Song Name Game

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