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    Getting new 60th Anniversary R9, gloss or VOS?

    Im shopping for an 60th R9 and i have seen nothing but VOS models, accept for one shop that special orderd a couple all gloss finish nickle hardware models.My question is, should i get a vos or the gloss model, as far as would the gloss model be less collectable or an odd ball in this series of...
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    New 2018 R0

    Hi i just got my 2018 Historic 1960,
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    Just got my first Gibson Historic R8, chipping under and around lower strap.Button, fix?

    Hi guys, after a year of saving, i found ,a brand new Gibson Historic R8, and it just arrived today.After checking it out, its beautiful, however when i looked on the bottom of the guitar, i found that that paint peeled off all around the bottom strap button, down to the wood.Apon inspection, i...
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    My First R8

    Hi guys i was able to get rid of my 2017 Traditional to a local buyer that loved it and the issues i faced with the headstock were disclosed and put a deposit on a 2016 Historic R8.Its a 2016 Gibson historic R8 in sunrise tea burst.Is theee anything you can tell me about this guitar, if its a...
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    Did i mess up my pickguard installation?

    I finally mounted the pickguard, on my 2016 Gibson les paul Standard, and as much as i measured the position of the holes to drill, the pickguard ended up, sitting with a gap,where the pickguard sits against the neck.
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    Luthiers, please give me insight neck relief not even

    Hi guys, i just measured the relief, on my high E string,and found that it is 3-4 thousandths less reief than my low E string.I have sighted the neck from the too of the headstock down the neck,and i dont see any twist.But researching this issue, i have read many replies that say this is normal...
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    Is any fret buzz normal on a Gibson led Paul

    Hi guys sorry to post this question as I have heard many, many mixed opinions,but I figure I might as well ask it myself,since it’s my concearn, from you guys who are professional luthiers. I have a brand new 2016 Gibson les Paul standard,and a brand new Gibson les Paul Traditional.Now..I have...
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    Gibson les Paul from factory with 9 gauge high 10 gauge low?

    i have been trying to find out witch strings Gibson ships or sets up there guitars with,and I kept reading that they ship with .10 gauge,but I just checked the specs from Gibson website for both my 2016 les Paul standard,and 2017 les Paul Traditional,and it’s showing that they use 9 gauge...
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    Hi Guys and gals,Half of les Paul maple cap didn’t take stain? Is this normal or?

    Hi, I bought a new left over 2016 Gibson les Paul standard in honey burst,the guitar is amazing,but I noticed that when you look at the bottom horn,as you can see part of the maple cap showing,under the binding.Part of the maple cap that is showing,seems like it did not take stain,and is white...
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    New 2017 Gibson les paul traditional bridge low travel on treble side..any other owners out there?

    Hi guys I just bought a new 2017 Gibson les paul traditional,and the guitar came setup with pretty low action with the high E string 1mm from the top of the 17 fret to the bottom of the string.Now the guitar plays beautiful,but I noticed that the bridge seemed like it was almost out of travel if...
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    2017 Gibson les paul traditional, 1mm treble side one turn left in wheel?

    Hi guys in happy to be part of this forum,AMD finally have another les paul again.the guitar is a 2017 new left over Gibson les paul traditional in antique burst.The guitar came from the store with the action set very low AMD it plays great...I have .10 relief at the 9th fret.Now on the treble...

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