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  1. mtgguitar

    Fireworks this year are annoying.

    Every night. The big ones are illegal in NY.
  2. mtgguitar

    SiriusXM/Music Streaming Devices

    I've never paid for radio but I'm thinking I should start. I like listening while I'm on the patio or in the car and I'm tired of shuffling disks. Please tell me your XM stories and recommendations.
  3. mtgguitar

    Five surfers/lifeguards drown at Scheveningen Beach Netherlands.

    I'm not a surfer. I know it can be dangerous but I never thought seafoam and algae were safety factors. Rough seas were also to blame. They were in a group of 10 and were all experienced members of surf teams. "Five experienced surfers drowned after going out for a session in stormy weather...
  4. mtgguitar

    Getting a battery lawn mower

    I don't have a big yard, I live in a city. My Toro gas mower is 16 years old and running well but I'm tired of gas, oil, pull-rope and noise. I'll give the old Toro to a neighbor with a small yard, big family and tight money. It takes me 10 minutes to cut my lawn Greenworks Cordless Lawn...
  5. mtgguitar

    Mischief from little boys

    You may have seen the story about the five year old who took the family car for a ride "Pint-sized driver surprises Utah trooper during traffic stop" It's always boys who pull stunts like this, girls have other priorities. This kid probably watched his parents drive and asked a lot of...
  6. mtgguitar

    Don Shula RIP, he was 90

    Don Shula, the NFL's winningest coach who led the Miami Dolphins to the league's only undefeated season, died Monday.
  7. mtgguitar

    Necro Threads

    IMO, continuity trumps repetition. The Tea thread is an example. I know it's annoying when you don't notice the last post date but that's not a big deal. Mods, please give us your opinions.
  8. mtgguitar

    Police & LEOs

    This vid gave me the giggles (I'm easily entertained.) The driver actually tried to outmaneuver the police in a wobbly box truck. LOL at 4:00. U-Hauling ass.
  9. mtgguitar

    Confederate-related paraphernalia must be removed says USMC Commandant

    This is the kind of fake urgency that drives people nuts, Drop everything and check for bumper stickers, NOW! :hyper:
  10. mtgguitar

    Woke Music

    Start learning this stuff, wake up, its the future. :thumb:
  11. mtgguitar

    Valentines Day

    Annual PSA, watch this vid at your peril, Lewis Black drops Valentine's day as a holiday.
  12. mtgguitar

    Entertainment DVDs played on Win10 PC

    It's getting more difficult to keep up with technology. Playing a DVD on a PC was impossible even with a good PC-DVD drive. I just found out I can play a movie with VLC. I popped in the ZZTop Concert 'Live in TX' and voila, there it was "how, how, how, how." How long have I been in the dark...
  13. mtgguitar

    The movie Cats got some bad reviews

    There seems to be several references to boobs, horniness and crotch shots, it's not even good for kids.:hmm: "A boondoggle of terrible source material mixed with direction so poor the Academy should repossess Tom Hooper’s Best Director Oscar. Watching Cats makes you feel like you’re slowly...
  14. mtgguitar

    2020 baseball

    The season is going to have some interesting changes. DRUGS Associated Press. SAN DIEGO -- Major League Baseball will start testing for opioids and cocaine, but only players who do not cooperate with their treatment plans will be subject to discipline. Marijuana will be removed from the list of...
  15. mtgguitar

    Porsche crashed into second story of a NJ commercial building

    Young men and the fascination with fast cars will never die: "Braden DeMartin, 22, was driving the $50,000 car that hit a center median, struck an embankment and lurched into the building, killing himself and friend Daniel Foley, 23. The sports car rammed into the second-floor wall, more than...
  16. mtgguitar

    2019 NHL Hockey

    Ron Hextall was the first NHL goalie credited with a goal from a direct shot. He is the current record holder for most single season penalty minutes by a goaltender (113). He also won a Vezina and a Conn Smythe trophy. He was one mean S.O.B.
  17. mtgguitar

    Veterans day, 2019

    Salty USN WW2 vet:
  18. mtgguitar

    OK Boomer!

    This a new (to me) phrase. It's a way to dismiss older folks, it's a brushoff, an eye roll. No one has directed it at me yet but I know that I say things to young folks that are outdated and (to them) wrong-headed. CBS "I think a big part of why it has caught on is just, like, baby boomers and...
  19. mtgguitar

    Jimmy Carter Is Tough as The Nails He Builds With

    Carter hospitalized with pelvic fracture ATLANTA – Jimmy Carter, the longest-living former U.S. president, has been hospitalized with a pelvic fracture after falling Monday evening at his Georgia home, the Carter Center said. The 95-year-old “has been admitted to Phoebe Sumter Medical Center...
  20. mtgguitar

    Army Cadet goes AWOL with weapon

    IIRC, military law allows him to be declared a deserter immediately. Took his M4 with him fast facts WTF Update: "West Point officials reiterated that Kurita may be a danger to himself but likely not to the public. He is not known to be carrying any magazines or ammunition, the release said."

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