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  1. failsafe306

    Explorer #3

    Thanks! It is Macassar ebony.
  2. failsafe306

    Explorer #3

    One more
  3. failsafe306

    Explorer #3

    I’ve been slowly chipping away at this one in my spare time. Job, wife, kids, band all take up too much of my time these days, haha. I used a chisel to angle the end of the body to match the neck angle. Gluing on the fretboard. Routing neck taper. Shaping the back of the neck...
  4. failsafe306

    **Well, THAT hurt**

    Just do it like this and use the clamps you have. This jig is solid as a rock.
  5. failsafe306

    **Well, THAT hurt**

    I’ve used mine on all three builds so far. I really like having the repeatability of the exact same dimensions on each neck I make. I do spindle sand right to the line, so I’m not taking much off with the router at all. It definitely helps with getting the correct volute and heel shape too.
  6. failsafe306

    Djenty Boi Build

  7. failsafe306

    Thinline finished

    Wow!! I love it.
  8. failsafe306

    What did i do wrong here:

    Where does your router bit bearing ride on the template?
  9. failsafe306

    Reaming peghead holes

    I’m sorry, I had it in my head that you were doing a new build for some reason, and we’re reaming out freshly drilled holes.
  10. failsafe306

    Reaming peghead holes

    Just out of curiosity, what size hole did you drill for the tuner holes, initially?
  11. failsafe306

    Finishing Prep - Tele Neck Pocket

    I completely agree. That level of fine detail perfection is what I strive for. Maybe one day I’ll get close!
  12. failsafe306

    Cherry Strat Build

    That looks amazing! How do you like working with cherry, as opposed to mahogany?
  13. failsafe306

    '64 SG Jr. horror show restoration goodness. opinions welcome. pic heavy.

    It must have been used as a P&W guitar back in the day.
  14. failsafe306

    Explorer #3

    3 degrees.
  15. failsafe306

    Explorer #3

    This jig is pretty easy to make and cuts a pretty fool proof tenon. A bonus with this jig is, you can make the mortise in the body with zero angle; the angle is all in the tenon.
  16. failsafe306

    Explorer #3

    I double stuck the neck blank to my neck tenon jig and routed out the tenon.
  17. failsafe306

    Explorer #3

    Routing body to final shape. I also routed the pickups and neck mortise.
  18. failsafe306

    Explorer #3

    Joined the body halves and roughed out the shape with a bandsaw and spindle sander.
  19. failsafe306

    Explorer #3

    Hey guys, here are some pics of my 3rd Explorer build. It is based on a ‘58 body shape with my own neck dimensions and headstock. The other big difference is I prefer the no pick guard look of the ESP explorers, hence no pickguard. Here is where I’m at so far. The trussrod is a rip off of...
  20. failsafe306

    Bridge leaning towards neck

    Seems like the underlying issue is too much neck angle, which unfortunately there isn’t anything you can do about without major work.

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