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  1. Rocco Crocco

    Please rate my simple mix

    Hey looking for some honest feedback on the mix here. Very short clip. Super simple "rock" riffage... a few guitar tracks, a bass track and EZ Drummer drums, no vocals.
  2. Rocco Crocco

    WTB DiMarzio Virtual P90 in black

  3. Rocco Crocco

    Schecter PT Apocalypse

    Here's my quick review and demo of this guitar.
  4. Rocco Crocco

    Shut up and listen to Wulf!

    These guys are awesome. OMG the drummer.:shock: This type of (funk) music reminds me of happy times, and since we've all been eating shit sandwhiches for the last few months, I figured I'd share it.
  5. Rocco Crocco

    My new Epiphone Special

    This arrived a couple weeks ago from Sweetwater. I pre-ordered it and got a good deal, but the street price is $399 USD. There was an issue right away. There were three high frets (15,16,17). 55 point inspection missed it. Setting the string height at factory spec and the guitar was completely...
  6. Rocco Crocco

    Roadworn Telecaster.... these things are awesome

    I was never a Tele guy growing up. They were old man guitars. Now that I am an old man I bought a telecaster and son-of-a-gun this guitar is REALLY nice. I was never much for relicing either, but the way they wear the finish on the body and neck just feels right.. Anyway I made a video about...
  7. Rocco Crocco

    Dulling/Aging Shiny Hardware

    I have a Les Paul with chrome hardware. I put Duncan Antiquities in the guitar but wanted to make the bridge and tailpiece match. I decided to try a red Scotchbrite pad to knock back the shine. I had never tried this before so I tested the simple procedure on an old chrome pickup cover. It...
  8. Rocco Crocco

    New helix update is available Helix/HX 2.90 | Helix Native 1.90 "The Always Level Presets By Ear at Stage Volume with the Rest of the Band Playing Update" Helix/HX 2.90 and Helix Native 1.90 include new amps, cabs...
  9. Rocco Crocco

    Stephen King's "The Outsider" series on HBO

    True Detective meets It. Great story (typical King plot... band of misfits join together to destroy evil), good acting (Jason Bateman is in it... is it me or all his characters exactly the same? regardless, he's still good in it), and not a whiff of any wokeness.
  10. Rocco Crocco

    D'Addario making face shields

  11. Rocco Crocco

    True or False?... "50's wiring..."

    Is the statement below true or false? 50's wiring sounds exactly the same as modern wiring when guitar controls are turned up all the way. My understanding is that 50's wiring only has an effect as the guitar's volume is turned down... i.e. treble is not reduced. But I see people claiming...
  12. Rocco Crocco

    Like pretty guitars? Check out these ESPs from Japan...

    Found these pics on another forum... These are NAMM guitars.... I don't think they will make it into production, but holy shit!!
  13. Rocco Crocco

    Windows experts.... any downside to turning off "sleep mode"?

    I have a Windows 10 desktop that takes awhile to wake up from sleep mode..... sometimes several minutes. I have shut it off in settings and it is much better.... the screen turns on instantly when I click the mouse. I was just wondering if i could run into problems doing this. I am thinking...
  14. Rocco Crocco

    Anyone use Duncan Antiquities with their Epi Les Pauls?

    I am mulling over trying new pickups on one of my LPs., and was thinking of Antiquities. I have never tried them before. I generally like higher output humbuckers, but they get a lot of love online so I may want to give them a shot. Anyone have Ants in their Lesters? What do you think?
  15. Rocco Crocco

    WTB Seymour Duncan SH-14 Custom 5

    Regular spaced. Prefer nickel, but will make any color work. Thanks.
  16. Rocco Crocco

    Easily make your own IRs?

    This looks cool. I will download the trial version this weekend and play around with it. Reviews on The Gear Page are glowing, and I can vouch for the fact that ML Sound IRs are killer.
  17. Rocco Crocco

    Epiphone Tak Matsumoto DC Pro

    Hey guys. I'm trying my hand at the video making process. I made a review of this killer guitar. Honest feedback on this video is VERY WELCOME. Thanks!
  18. Rocco Crocco

    Need a good used DSLR with a flip-screen for $200. Am I dreaming?

    Any recommendations as far as models? I will be using it mostly for video. Must have mic jack, too.
  19. Rocco Crocco

    Boss SY-300 Guitar Synth

    Excellent condition. $400 Shipped to Lower 48. Comes with original box, manual, and power supply.
  20. Rocco Crocco

    Unmodding my old Yamaha

    This 1985 SBG2100 has had its pickups and tuners replaced. Pickups look like this. The pickups should look like this. The Stock tuners are Yamaha branded Grovers, but because they were so hard to turn, I replaced them with these Hipshot tuners. The Hipshot tuners work...

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