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  1. Mindfrigg

    Subbing 12AU7 for 12AX7 in BDRI

    My Blues Deluxe RI is too damn loud for my space, and the volume knob has no nuance...silent to superloud in a 1/8 of a turn. I've got a handful of old Mullard/Hammond 12AU7s I've substitued in old tube amps in the preamp or PI before with no problems. Yes I know they're around a quarter of the...
  2. Mindfrigg

    Viagra. Yes or no?

  3. Mindfrigg

    The Earth is a giant cheeseburger...

    ...and we're all just sesame seeds on a bun. That's all I got.
  4. Mindfrigg

    Please convince me this is a good thing

    Is Democracy doomed in this country? I can't believe this kind of thinking is good for the country. I am not touting any political party. I just think this is wrong-headed. Perhaps it is the letter of the law as regards constitutional interpretation. But I think it is a very dangerous one. If...
  5. Mindfrigg

    Anybody use mic modelers?

    As stated, just wondering if anyone uses mic modelers like Antares, and what are your opinions about them? Also, what kind of source mics have you tried.I'm thinking of buying some modeling software. Do they work?
  6. Mindfrigg


    What d'ya think?
  7. Mindfrigg

    Who's the best all-around member?

    Just to put a bullet in the head of this lame-horse of a a public service, let's just cut to the chase. Who's the best all around member of the forum? Feel free to nominate whoever you want. But since they won't be in the poll anyway.......screw you.
  8. Mindfrigg

    Killer robots!!!

    So then. To hell with gun threads. I want one of these. International Conference To Ban Killer Robots BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!
  9. Mindfrigg

    What happened to my car keys?

    In the spirit of all the 'What happened to' threads, I humbly offer my ponderings. What happened to my looks? What happened to my..uh..'stamina'? What happened to my bank account? What happened to our gubment? What happened to my remote? What happened to Miley Cyrus? What's with the Beatles...
  10. Mindfrigg

    I'm Spartacus..and I'm leaving...

    I think the title pretty much says it all.
  11. Mindfrigg

    I have a dentist's appointment tomorrow and....

    I won't be here tomorrow, and in order to avoid mass chaos and bedlam and people sending out search parties and what not, I just wanted to say goodbye. Jeeze people!..... (This crap has got to stop....)
  12. Mindfrigg

    Anyone got contact info for HenryHill?

    I need to talk to HenryHill (Leo) but all I have is an e-mail address. If anybody knows him personally, I'd appreciate a home, work, or cell #. Thanks much, in advance.:thumb: Pm me if you do, or post confirmation here, and then pm the info to me
  13. Mindfrigg

    Famous violinist goes busking...

    This is interesting, if a bit disheartening. It's a pretty long article so, you might want to just get the gist of it. World famous violinist Joshua Bell performs intricate Bach pieces in a train station on a 3 million dollar instrument...mostly ignored. Pearls Before Breakfast -...
  14. Mindfrigg

    Any Optigan users out there?

    Just curious. Anybody using an Optigan out there? If you don't know what it is, google it!
  15. Mindfrigg

    The Official Tim Fezzywig ROAST thread

    Alright big Fezz, you whore. You asked for it. Bend over and grab your ankles. We're goin' to appreciate the hell outta ya. I'm posing the eternal question "If I can't live without him, how come I ain't dead yet?" :hmm: Seriously though, nice guy,..or two..or three......
  16. Mindfrigg

    "NOS" Gibson M-69 pup rings

    Picked up a pair of these for $15. E-bay seller alleges these are NOS, and have been sitting in a box for years. Pretty cheap for original M-69s right? Anyway to confirm authenticity? A copy? N.O.S. Gibson M-69 M69 Pickup Rings P.A.F. Humbucker Black | eBay
  17. Mindfrigg

    'Anyone who (insert-yer-phrase) needs punched in the mouth'

    I think our departed friend 'rufftuff' was on to something. Heartfelt and to the point, his call to righteous mouth punching is at the very heart of MLP debate debacles.I have not corrected his grammer because, well, it's just funnier that way. So, in the spirit of fun ONLY, I am borrowing from...
  18. Mindfrigg

    Happy Father's Day!!

    For all you Dads. I know it's a little early but... McGuinness Flint - Heritage - YouTube
  19. Mindfrigg

    E-bow tips and tricks?

    I've had an E-bow for s few years and I can't seem to warm up to the damn thing. Seems dead boring and awkward. Don't get me wrong, I love sound chasing and different tools. I have an extensive MIDI setup, a VG8ex, and many efx, over a dozen guitars, all different, but it seems I can do more...
  20. Mindfrigg

    Saint Mindfrigg

    After my recent public martyrdom, ( and no public apology,ahem) I was promised some lovin'.:) Frankly, I ain't seen it yet.:( So if you need an opportunity to smooch my bottom a little,....... here it is!:naughty: But remember what your mommy told you.."If you can't say something nice about...

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