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  1. Poligow

    Gibson True Historic neck M69 pickup ring

    Had this as a spare from Gibson after sales support. Neck pickup ring on my TH58 was slightly cracked. I never replaced it and now the guitar is sold ... I'm not asking any money, just pay the shipping cost and i'll ship.
  2. Poligow

    (SOLD) DAM Red Rooster - treble booster

    I'm selling this amazing treble booster, from D*A*M Psycho lime finish, limited edition of two units. Powered by a Mullard OC41 As new condition, with box and papers. 310€ (paid with PayPal gift) Postage to EU / US included Infos : ps: Sabbath record not include
  3. Poligow

    Les Paul replica parts (DMC, Retrospec, Vintage Heaven, Vintage Clone, ...)

    Here's for sell pack of vintage replica parts for your beloved Les Paul They were installed on a guitar i recently sold. Basically, it contains all the parts which are currently "wrong" on the current Les Paul reissues (True Historic, 60th anniversary, ...) Some of these parts are not...
  4. Poligow

    FS : Creamtone Tailpiece Stud Set (Absolute Vintage Collection)

    Cleaning the drawer, so here's for sell a pair of Tail Piece Studs from Creamtone. There are : - NOS finish - vintage length Please note i don't have the bushings. All the infos can be fond here ...
  5. Poligow

    Fender Champ 5F1 1964 (transition model)

    I'm selling my old Fender 5F1 Champ from 1964. That's one of the last ever built. Same as the famous tweed champ, but rarer, due to it's black rolex and silver grill cloth. 3 prong power cable and new power filter capacitors. Original parts included. Everything else is original. The amp is...
  6. Poligow

    Creamtone parts for Les Paul

    for sell as i don't need these : - Creamtone "Absolute Vintage Collection" pick guard bracket - Creamtone "Absolute Vintage Collection" tailpiece bushing, vintage length...
  7. Poligow

    FS : Fender blackface Bandmaster original schematic

    Found this in my drawer : an original schematic and his matching envelope for a blackface Bandmaster. Look at the pics for the shape. I'm asking $20 shipped worldwide.
  8. Poligow

    FS : Creamtone and Gibson Historic parts

    set of Creamtone "Bridge stud and Thumbwheels", never used - retail $40 > $30 shipped Creamtone tailpiece studs bushings (vintage length),never used - 10$ shipped Gibson Historic pick...
  9. Poligow


    some parts for sell : from a GIBSON "True Historic" : - lightweight tailpiece. - switch nut. New and shiny - thumbwheels > SOLD (w/PP gift) DMC "iron claws" steel tailpiece studs. NOS finish, to fit pre-2009 Les Paul with shorter studs size > GIVEN
  10. Poligow

    FS: Fake58 parts : truss rod cover, poker chip + knurled nut

    here are a few parts i bought for a guitar which is now sold. all the parts are new and come from Julian / Fake58 in the UK : Truss rod cover : 50's style poker chip Rhythm/Treble plate - early version : Switch Nut. Course knurl (40 teeth)...
  11. Poligow

    FS : CREAMTONE "absolute vintage" lightweight tailpiece & studs

    up for sell, an "Absolute Vintage" tailpiece and (short) studs. brand new, bought for a project which has been cancelled ... my loss will be your gain. infos retail $70 will sell for $50 shipping included.
  12. Poligow

    FS : early 50's FENDER knobs (lap steel, telecaster, nocaster)

    for sell, a pair of vintage 1952 Fender knobs ! perfect for restoring an old Tele / Esquire or even a Nocaster ... or to pimp a modern Custom Shop ! $100 (including shipping - paid w/Paypal gift)
  13. Poligow

    FS - EU SWART Night Light Jr. attenuator

    i'm selling my Night Light Jr. only used at home, i can now play without to :D it's in mint condition, with box / paper / stickers. bought directly from Swart last year. if you need some more infos about it : Swart News Night Light Jr Intro ~ Attenuator for amps 15w or Less i'm...
  14. Poligow

    FS : Rutters 57/63 Telecaster repro knobs

    i'm selling a pair of late 50s early 60s Tele/ P-Bass knobs, from Marc Rutters : Hand machined Aluminum, vintage correct knob now with your choice of chrome or nickel plate. #8-32 slotted steel nickel plated set screw included. they were on a '63 reissue Telecaster which is now sold...
  15. Poligow

    Glendale "vintage dome" Broadcaster / Nocaster knobs

    two sets of GLENDALE broadcaster / nocaster knobs, brand new, never opened ! check out Glendale Guitars for more infos. i have a set in nickel finish, and one in chrome. retail price is $49, i'm asking $40 :dude:
  16. Poligow

    Fs : early 50's FENDER knobs (lap steel, telecaster, nocaster)

    I had these for a project that is now abandoned. That's a pair of early 50's Fender knobs, in excellent condition, which come from an early 1952 lap steel. These knobs are correct for a 1952 lap steel, Telecaster or even a late 1951 Nocaster (as some Nocaster spot this kind of knobs) I'm...
  17. Poligow

    FS (EU) : Gibson Les Paul reissue 58 washed cherry from 2004

    I'm selling my beloved Les Paul reissue 58 from 2004. Washed cherry sunburst, gloss finish (as there was no VOS at this time). I own this guitar since 2006, i think i'm the second owner. It's not easy to let this one go, as she sounds fabulous and i spent a lot of money in aftermarket...
  18. Poligow

    give away : Kluson bushings

    a set of 6 bushing for Kluson tuners : if you're interested just paid the shipping cost and i'll send them !
  19. Poligow

    FS : Pat Pend. Grovers

    I'm selling a set of vintage "pat pend" Grover tuners. Chrome finish, excellent condition and work perfectly. It's the rare small washers version (ala Clapton, Peter Green, ...) I'm asking $215 / 160€ paid as Paypal gift. Worldwide shipping is includes in my price. Previously on...
  20. Poligow

    FS 2004 Les Paul reissue 58

    here's for sell my beloved 58 reissue from 2004 : Upgraded with : - Seymour Duncan "Antiquity" pickups (neck : 7.7k / bridge : 8.4k) - OTP "Over The Pond" M69 PAF Humbucker surrounds - Dr. Vintage / CTS pots with Luxe repro "bumble bees" caps - Pigtail : APR1 zinc/nickel bridge -...

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