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  1. Rezamatix

    Homewrecker Pickups - Moneyshot +

    Trying out some new winds from my buddy Joshua at Homewrecker.
  2. Rezamatix

    Adding weight to an SG!

    so, just picked up a 2019 SG, darkest rosewood i've seen in a long time. immediately refretted with stainless jumbo. got pickups en route. the guitar itself is very light. not a neck diver but it's light and i want to add some mass and weight to the bridge/tailpiece. who makes something heavy...
  3. Rezamatix

    Friedman Custom 50 (MK2 Mods)

    Got some updates to my amp!
  4. Rezamatix

    NAD - (2011) Limited edition Diezel VH4 Blueface - Video

    This one just landed.
  5. Rezamatix

    NGD - 2020 Mayones Regius Core 7

    NGD - Mayones Regius 7 Core WOW. I love this guitar. best 7 string Ive ever played. Put some Homewrecker pickups in it immediately. Playing thru a Wizard MTL MK2.
  6. Rezamatix

    WTB - Gibson SG Standard - Dark Rosewood board preferred. or Ebony Board.

    looking for a clean batwing guard SG standard. p
  7. Rezamatix

    NAD - Mesa Boogie Mark 2C++

    Mark 2C++ video is up!, If you think I should change some settings for better tones, please let me know!
  8. Rezamatix

    Wizard MTL MK2 vs. Amplified Nation

    Sloppy Jam Sesh!
  9. Rezamatix

    Jackson Custom Shop SL2H-V Flamed Top - FS/FT $2999 obo

    This case queen has some nice stainless steel upgrades on the floyd rose. 1984 Reissue model Floyd with upgraded arm. Arcane Pickups. OHSC w. Case Candy etc. $3000 shipped, or trade for Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster or Gibson Custom Shop SG of equal value. here is the Reverb link with more...
  10. Rezamatix

    2020 Bogner Amplification Custom Shop Uberschall - video!

    NADemo - 2020 Bogner Amplification Custom Shop Uberschall - Modded & Brutal. TONS of EQ knob twirling in this video. Every shade of gain shaping I could handle while sitting in front of a supersonic roar.
  11. Rezamatix

    Monomyth Modded Marshall vs. Ken Lawrence 7 String Baritone

    Cabin fever chugfest.
  12. Rezamatix

    NAD - Marks Guitar Loft - MGL Ampworks MGL-50 HG

    Pretty awesome 50 watter! FEELS like my old 71 metal panel. Has some squish and some sag but plenty of attack and gain. Im diggin it! Give it a listen here :
  13. Rezamatix

    Amplified Nation - Ampliphonix & Gain Looper Jam

    Super loose Improv jam with the Amplified Nation Ampliphonix & Gain. Youtube description for gear used.
  14. Rezamatix

    Bogner XTC 3534 - Wild noisy and freestyle

    Super sloppy mess of a playthru but I had fun...(post your dissaproval in the comments!) :)
  15. Rezamatix

    SLO-100 Tube Swap - METAL tones!

    SO I wanted to tighten up the low mids and decided to start some tube rolling. I started with V2 (OD Channel) tube spot. First tube I tried was a complete winner. Here are the results. (I didnt change any other tubes!) [youtube]
  16. Rezamatix

    NAD - (2020) SOLDANO SLO-100 MKII

    NAD - (2020) Soldano SLO-100 MKII 1st of a series of vids. BEAST of an amp.
  17. Rezamatix

    Lundgren M7 Pickup demo

    Very happy with these pickups! Big shout out to Nick at Axe Palace for his recommendation and expertise. They are fantastic pickups. This demo sucks but wth.
  18. Rezamatix

    REAL 59 for sale...

  19. Rezamatix

    Monomyth/Friedman Modded Marshall JCM 800 2204

    New Headshell new Me? I had Friedman move the Black Sun Mod from monomyth to a knob in the front. I think this gives you total control of the amount of that mod you want in the circuit. Check it out and let me know what you think!
  20. Rezamatix

    NAD - Bogner XTC 3534 (Video)

    Really Cool amp. Sounds big, gets really loud and doesnt shit the bed. tons of features and tones inside. Super small headbox which I love. This is more of a high mid crunch tone I went with because it just fills out with the cab in the room. Might sound a little nasal with the SM57 but I...

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