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  1. Bemis

    NGD 2018 Standard - Cherry on top

    Been itching for some cherry goodness since I was a teenager, but it had to speak to me and be a player. Went over it with a fine tooth comb before pulling the trigger. She's so wonderful. Okay, I'll skip all the text and give you what you clicked on this post for... enjoy:
  2. Bemis

    NAD Marshall JVM205H - bitter sweet (mostly sweet)

    I've had a case of GAS for a new amp since I picked up my LP standard last year. Looked at everything under the sun and played through everything I could. I was researching Marshall gear and their 50w seemed great, but I wanted to try one out. Ended up finding one at a shop that's fairly...
  3. Bemis

    NGD Had to cure those GAS pains! 2016 LP Standard

    Well, I had a dentist appointment today and the rest of the afternoon off. Idle time... so I headed to some guitar shops. First stop lead me to 2 really nice playing LP standards but neither one of them spoke to me. I still had plenty of time so, I drove to my favorite music shop in Marietta...
  4. Bemis

    Shopping for a Trad Pro tomorrow Edit: Got one! NGD

    I have 3 Guitar Centers and a Sam Ash all within about 45 to 60 mins of each other, so I'm going to take a look at some Trad Pros and hope to walk away with one. I've noticed in the past that most of the floor model guitars and GC are really beat up. Huge scratches down the back, busted...

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