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  1. mkayers

    FSOT - Pedaltrain Nano+ with carrying case

    I have a Pedaltrain Nano+ pedalboard with carrying case, measures 5" X 18" long. Will sell for $50 + actual shipping or trade for an EQ or decent chorus pedal.
  2. mkayers

    Dumb Ass Neighbors

    LOL I bought those out of the school book sale order form every month too! I loved em back then.
  3. mkayers

    Smokin' butts.

    My experience is you have to go real light on smoke for chicken. It really soaks it in so you want a fruit wood for that. Mesquite or hickory seem to be too much for chicken for me.
  4. mkayers

    Smokin' butts.

    I did one last weekend and it stalled at 179 for an hour I bet.
  5. mkayers

    Well it's Smokin' Smokin'

    I have heard rumors that pellet smokers don't give you as much smoke flavor, do you think that is true? I'm thinking about getting one but I'm on the fence because of that.
  6. mkayers

    Two damns burst in Michigan, Gov declared State of Emergency.

    I work with a couple guys that live on Wixom lake. Went from having 4 sump pumps in their basement in the morning to "how are we going to get our boats off the hoist with no water in the lake?". One guy has someone elses pontoon in his yard now lol. At least they're all safe.
  7. mkayers

    RIP Fred Willard

    First time seeing him for me was Jerry Hubbard on Fernwood 2 Night. Wish we could get that on dvd or something, it was a classic.
  8. mkayers

    Gasoline Price Rant Thread

    Oh it's probably the "summer blend" story again lol.
  9. mkayers

    FS 2015 57 Classic/Classic + Set..SOLD

    This set of pickups is dated 10/16/15 & 10/19/15. Great set of 57 Classic/Classic + from a Les Paul Traditional. Still have 14" or so leads. They do have some play wear. I tried to get a pic of the little scratch in line with the pole pieces on the neck neck pickup but it's tough. The...
  10. mkayers

    Your favourite TV theme song?

    Bob Newhart show for me
  11. mkayers

    Pedal Trade!

    Anyone have a cheap eq pedal they want to trade for a joyo Vintage Overdrive?
  12. mkayers

    Castle Rock (season 2) Misery Prequel

    I couldn't get into season 1 at all & need to revisit. Watched all of season 2 and it was awesome. Kinda veered off track but still good.
  13. mkayers


    PM sent on the Stormy Monday's
  14. mkayers

    Wow. I'm pissed......Ebay content

    I sold a Richie Sambora "Stranger In This Town" tablature songbook about a month ago on there for about $50. Guy paid & I shipped, before he even got it he asked to cancel the sale because he was digging in his closet & he found one in a tote. I declined the return & responded that he could...
  15. mkayers

    Wow. I'm pissed......Ebay content

    Ebay has gotten terribly one sided over the years & I am always afraid of selling on there because of that. I think buyers have like a 90 day window to return something & that is ridiculous. Plus like you say, it's a no questions asked kind of thing.
  16. mkayers

    Power tube ID help needed

    Ok cool, thanks!
  17. mkayers

    Power tube ID help needed

    How were you able to bias it without a mod? I thought a resistor had to be added?
  18. mkayers

    Better Call Saul Season 5 - anybody watching? *SPOILERS*

    The longer we're stuck at home I might have to go back and watch all of Breaking Bad again.

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