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  1. NHDave

    Collectible books

    I’ve used that vendor premiere collectibles before. Seem to remember getting an Ace Frehley book from them for a hair above the price of the unsigned book. Ace has a great auto, I like when they sign the actual book rather than a stick on plate.
  2. NHDave

    Now China is making fake gold.

    I just don't understand this day and age, that people who deal with that volume of rare metals and coins don't have the ability to verify to check it. There's a coin dealer in my area that has a piece of gear he got from nasa to analyze metals, pretty sure the dudes from pawn stars also had...
  3. NHDave

    Delete. Thanks

  4. NHDave

    Which Kluson types?

    Sometimes people install grovers but they only widen the rear hole. This allows you to pop in the original ferrules. The only problem is grovers often leave marks from the washers, especially if they really tighten them. If the grovers were put in cleanly and it sounds good, I might keep...
  5. NHDave

    NGD 2019 58 ri LP Green Lemon Gloss

    Some pics of my new LP, my buddy had his eye on some other things and I picked it up from him this week. Gloss Green Lemon fade... big neck, dark Indian board, plays and sounds great, stays in tune nice... (originally came from Dave's) pickup covers were a little blingy so I took a...
  6. NHDave

    Delete. Thanks

    Sold delete. Thx
  7. NHDave

    FS: 2019 Gibson ES-335 Dot Natural Mint, sold, delete, thanks

    2019 Gibson ES-335 dot dark natural. last of some of the Memphis built 335's, gloss finish, 8 lbs 3 oz, plays and sounds very nice. low hours, no fretwear or dings. MHS II pickups, nicely cut nut, bridge slots, Comes with COA, ohsc and case candy. Just bought my friend's R8, so no...
  8. NHDave

    '64 SG Jr. horror show restoration goodness. opinions welcome. pic heavy.

    Looks nice, I would concur with acid trip theory. Very strange that the rest of the guitar is relatively clean.
  9. NHDave

    Mike Fuller and Guitar Center -- interesting read

    I’m the biggest gc apologist there is. Mainly because I was a 20 something who played in a band and thought working retail in a “cool” industry would be great. It was not. And I cut those kids slack. for all their faults. Gc will typically make things right If your item arrived damaged...
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  11. NHDave

    FS: Marshall Jubilee 2525C Mini sold locally

    sold locally :)
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  13. NHDave

    sold delete, thx

    sold locally
  14. NHDave

    Paul Reed Smith - Class Act

    Dig it when companies are good corporate citizens and I don’t mean in a cheap pandering sort of way. The fact it’s been happening for 8 weeks and we are just hearing about it now is pretty cool.
  15. NHDave

    RIP Eddie Haskell

    My significant other. Her son had this friend who just gave me an undeniable Eddie Haskell vibe (thankfully he no longer hangs with him) Not only did ken give us laughs but he gave us a blue print for all parents to accurately identify little sh*ts!
  16. NHDave

    RIP Fred Willard

    His best in show clueless commentating was my favorite... Spinal Tap. “we are big fans, not you specifically but of the whole rock and roll genre, you ever run into a band in Kansas City called 4 jacks and a Jill?” Lol. Fantastic. Rip. Fred
  17. NHDave

    Counterfeit "Jimmy Page" On Chicago Craiglist

    Nice try trying to church it up with sheptones and new wiring. Still a $200 illegal piece of crap. Don’t give these guitars a home.
  18. NHDave

    ES-355 Weird binding crack/scrape - any ideas?

    It also could be the lacquer shrinking or expanding from temperature change. I’ve had that feathering appear at the nut. wondering if the finish not adhering well to an area of transition.
  19. NHDave

    FS: 2019 Gibson Custombucker set, mint

    bump. tweak

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