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  1. Arthur

    My band released a new single

    Hey guys, I'd love it if you guys checked out my band's new single and consider dropping our Facebook page a like - Cheers!
  2. Arthur

    Help with tune-o-matic bridge

    Hey guys, In an act of unmitigated clumsiness I managed to knock the screw that adjust the height of the bridge on my 335 out of place whilst restringing. The guitar was set up a couple a months ago but now that the bridge is out it is screwed. Will this require another full set up, or is it an...
  3. Arthur

    Has anybody on here done pro/semi pro theatre pit work?

    Hey all! Was just wondering if anyone here has had much experience in pro/semi pro theatre pits. I'm particularly interested in what setups you use, whether it's all digital or whether you're running analog effects etc. Also, if anybody has had any experience depping I'd be interested to know...
  4. Arthur

    Has anybody here successfully started/have tips on growing an Instagram page?

    I mean an instagram page for guitar related stuff - I see all these accounts with thousands of followers and it absolutely baffles me how they get so many! Has anybody had any luck with this?
  5. Arthur

    What do you play when someone asks you to play?

    Okay so I'm sure we've all encountered moments where upon telling someone that you play guitar the person or group instantly begs you to "play something!!" These situations cause much confusion for a guy like myself because I'm fairly certain that they don't want to hear a 12 bar in G or a...
  6. Arthur

    WTB: Correct Tuners for '65 Melody Maker

    Hey guys, Just picked up a '65 melody maker which is original except for the tuners, if any of you have anything lying around please PM me Cheers!
  7. Arthur

    How to neatly set up pedalboard?

    Hey guys, Might seem like a dumb question but how have you guys set up your pedalboards so neatly? Mine has patch cables and power cables from my power supply everywhere and it look like a mess...also does anybody have any tips for how to mount a power supply under a pedal board without the...
  8. Arthur

    Jazzheads, I need help

    Hey guys, I have a university (college) audition in about a week for jazz guitar where I'm playing Days of Wine and Roses and All Blues and I have everything under control except for some arpeggios. I'm not looking for anything fancy but just some basic arpeggio ideas for either or both of these...
  9. Arthur

    Mods delete

    Sorry guys, posted in the wrong section.
  10. Arthur

    Nut very hard to remove on Les Paul Junior

    So I took my 2009 BJA Junior to get a setup and my guitar tech said the nut needed a bit of work, however, when he went to tap it out the whole thing shattered a bit and really wasn't budging. It's fine now there was no damage and my tech installed a new nut but is it normal for Gibson to use so...
  11. Arthur

    Improving coordination between left and right hand

    I know this is a very broad question but does anybody have any good books or things that one can do to improve their coordination. Ideally I'd like to reach a point where things don't sound clumsy :laugh2: I've just been playing the chromatic scale up and down the neck to a metronome with...
  12. Arthur

    Leaving guitars on a guitar rack permanently

    Hey guys, I've just purchased a Hercules guitar rack in a bid to tidy up my room a bit but I'm wary of the effects of humidity/room temperature especially as we are approaching summer where it is not uncommon for temperatures to change from over 45 degrees to 20 degrees in the space of a day...
  13. Arthur

    FT: EHX Holy Grail Max

    Like new condition, has Velcro on bottom. Looking specifically for tremolos or nice delays but will consider anything really. PM me with any offers. Cheers
  14. Arthur

    G-String going out of tune on Les Paul Special

    Hey guys, After my most recent performance where I accidentally exclaimed to the audience that I "just need to tune, my g string is out" :run: I figured that I might come on here and ask for some advice. Other stings tend to play up a bit too and the tuning just never feels very stable. Would...
  15. Arthur

    How many pro musicians have we got here?

    Just wondering as I'm hoping to start a university (college) degree in jazz next year and was wondering if we had many pros on here any advice on how to get started as a musician would be greatly appreciated. Cheers guys
  16. Arthur

    New Pedalboard Day

    After years of buying useless pedals and thinking that I needed phasers and flangers I think I've finally settled for my needs, for now at least. Yesterday was a good day, the Pedaltrain Metro 20 with Hardcase arrived along with a Fuel Tank Jr and a Holy Grail Max. I'll try get some recording...
  17. Arthur

    Mods delete

  18. Arthur

    Original Solo Guitar Piece

    Hey everyone, Haven't posted in ages but thought I might as well share something I wrote a while ago and played at a small recital last year it gets a bit sloppy at some points but overall I think it's okay. Hope you like it For some reason the video...
  19. Arthur

    Guitar stores and places to check out in LA?

    Hey guys, So I'm going to LA for a bit over a week in late March/early April and was wondering if anyone has any advice on particular guitar stores or just places to check out in general? I'll be in Santa Monica for a few days then staying near LAX for the remainder of the time. Also, are there...
  20. Arthur

    Help with baseball terms somebody?

    Hey everyone, at school we're studying the play 12 Angry Men and the term "jug handler" came up and in the context I assumed it was a slang baseball term, I could be completely wrong though. Thanks for your help.

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