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    Boutiques dont impress

    Hey, Ive been going crazy since i sold the original burstbucker 1 and 2 pickups from my -07 R9. First i got WIZZ Premium PAF, i didnt like them they werent very dynamic and the attack was awfully agressive for normal playing. I could never really get the neck pickup set up so that it could be...
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    BB’s to WIZZ help

    Hey. Got a -07 R9 which had bb1 and 2 on it stock. I loved their controllability and sound but i heard my friends throbaks and heard they had something more so i went on a hunt. Got these WIZZ pafs from my friend with a4 mags. Im having a problem now with the neck pickup being way too bassy...
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    In search for the best les paul

    Hey guys, I have to ask you guys who have had multiple les paul guitars and can answer to these questions that i got in my mind after trying out 8 Les paul guitars last summer when i was trying to find a keeper. Ive had a basic good Gibson les paul -76 custom for 8 years now and i just started...
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    -76 custom pickup/harness toughts?

    hello, Ive been looking for a good historic to get next to this norlin baby for comparison. I tried atleast 7 different guitars last few weeks r7,r8,r9 and custom built private builders. I would say my norlin compared to most of them is a pretty well resonating and playing guitar. Some of them...
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    -07 R9 vs -13

    Hey. Can u guys help me spot out the differences on these two years. I have two potential ones im gonna see on tuesday. The -07 is a bit cheaper and looks cooler but the -13 is "better" original condish and costs 300euros more. I know at the end its down to the feel but whats the info i can get...
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    Will buy R7,R8 or R9

    Hey, Im looking to purchase a killer R7,R8 or R9. Only reasonably priced ones and good players. Pickup mods is no problem. Preferably in europe but others can be ok too if price is right after customs. Thanks!

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