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  1. tazzboy

    Anyone try LUNA yet?

    Too bad for them on that
  2. tazzboy

    Anyone try LUNA yet?

    Right now Luna is only available for Apple/Mac Users with UA stuff.
  3. tazzboy

    JTM45 Bluesbreaker Build

    Now we need to hear this thing in action
  4. tazzboy

    Charlie Daniels - RIP

  5. tazzboy

    Is there any other interview that beats this?

    Whitney Houston Crack is Whack
  6. tazzboy

    What device do you use to surf the web and post on mlp?

    Desktop and Laptop mostly. Samsung Galaxy Tablet rarely and Samsung S7 Andriod phone rarely.
  7. tazzboy

    Happy Birthday to Harmony!

    Happy Birthday Harmony
  8. tazzboy

    Johnny Winter’s Guitars

    Well I just read on that Johnny Winter's wife passed away back on October 3rd, 2019
  9. tazzboy

    Johnny Winter’s Guitars

    Didn't know this at all
  10. tazzboy

    Johnny Winter’s Guitars

    I thought Edgar his brother had Johnny's guitars
  11. tazzboy

    NGD Les Paul Standard 50s WW Select Unburst

    Very nice looking LP
  12. tazzboy

    Tell me about the blackface Fender Pro Reverb

    I'm kicking myself real bad right now because a 1966 Fender Pro Reverb came up on Reverb from Dave's Guitar Shop for $1,250. It only had a replacement grill cloth and caps change. Should have bought it!
  13. tazzboy

    NGD - 2019 Standard '60s Iced Tea

    Very nice looking LP
  14. tazzboy

    Hi everyone, Hey I bought what was supposed to be a 1974 Les Paul but now with it sitting right in front of me, I see some issues that I missed. Help!

    Do you have the Pot Code that will help narrow to the year. Because before 1977 (or so) the serial numbers were all over the place and the only real way to tell is back of CTS Pot code
  15. tazzboy

    NGD -2020 Standard 60’s Unburst!

    Very nice looking LP
  16. tazzboy

    NGD - 2020 Standard '60s Iced Tea

    Very nice looking LP
  17. tazzboy

    Ice Age.

    The Ice Age, The Stone Age, Armageddon who knows
  18. tazzboy

    My OIL Update.

    Don't go spending that all at once now Fett
  19. tazzboy

    JTM45 Bluesbreaker Build

    Subscribe to watch this build
  20. tazzboy

    NGD '60s Standard Bourbon Burst

    Very nice looking LP

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