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  1. sonar1

    Pulled trigger on a ‘58 ri

    8.9lbs; perfect neck; sounded best out of 4. Credit card still had room...
  2. sonar1

    New Esquire

  3. sonar1

    At least I have a Gibson to play while the world is closed...

    ... so there’s that. New Goldtop got here about the same time as officials began officially officiating what to do. Whew. Coulda got stuck playing something with the wrong scale length for the duration. I think I’m gonna sneak it over to a friend’s garage to jam a little on Thursday (covert...
  4. sonar1

    Greg Koch

    I bought a Les Paul guitar like he was playing on YouTube. But it doesn’t sound anything like he made it sound. I haz a disappoint. Should I send it back? It doesn’t seem to have the right notes in it...
  5. sonar1

    2020 R4

    This thread is for the general discussion of the guitar 2020 R4. Please add to the discussion here.
  6. sonar1


    I've had several Boogies over the years. This 90watt Mark V is probably the best amp I've ever had. It gets great sounds that work for the wide variety of stuff I do. Now all I need is a Roadie!
  7. sonar1

    Santa sold the reindeers to a rib place!

  8. sonar1


    Vintage original '57 ES-225 in great shape except for headstock repair (which got the price down to my level of collectibility): Plays great -intonation better than you'd believe- and has a wonderful '50's Gibson craftsmanship to it. Sounds great! The original P-90, pots, etc...
  9. sonar1

    Your stable: used vs bought new

    When I was a lowly wage earner I could only afford one guitar at a time, so would buy 'em all used, then modify to suit changing styles as time went by. If I wanted to buy something else, what I already had always needed to be traded in as part of the deal (I was married). :naughty: I...
  10. sonar1

    Sustain: if some is good, more is better!

    I'm alongtime survivor of the sustain wars that happened in the seventies and eighties. You know: when we all thought adding brass nuts, bridges, and knobs, would give us the magical sustain of Carlos, et al. Then of course Ry Cooder and David Lindley demonstrated that even cheap Supros...
  11. sonar1

    Microwave light show!

    Snap! Crackle! ZOT! Flash! What's that stink?:shock: OK, that popcorn is DONE! And so, apparently, is my venerable Sharp microwave. I don't think I need much, or too big, or anything, as a replacement. Who likes their cheap small microwave and can recommend it? :sadwave:
  12. sonar1

    Archery anyone?

    20 years ago I had my dad's 1960's Bear Kodiak strung up, and out in the corporation yard during lunch I would shoot into haybales with another guy on the crew, who had a Jennings compound. Eventually I retired dad's bow, concerned it might delaminate. It was non-takedown model recurve with...
  13. sonar1

    Favorite currently owned guitar?

    I require most guitars I own to be able to deliver the goods in a live band setting, but beyond that there are guitars that have a certain personality that makes me smile. I have '53 Gretsch Electromatic I picked up in a trade earlier this year. This is not a precious valuable instrument...
  14. sonar1

    NGD - Martin D18

    Top heavy in electrics, I decided to trade some players from my stable for a 1968 Martin D18 in good shape (recent neck reset and new frets). I had a 1976 version that wasn't so bueno (needed a neck reset, and I was not the original owner). Sounded diminished therefore. This '68 is a canon!
  15. sonar1

    New arch top pickguard day

    Couple/three weeks ago I scored a '57 Gibson L-7 in good sounding, and playable, shape. But the repairs and patina are towards the Willie Nelson end of the scale (no holes though). I fashioned a pickguard out of some 1/8" stuff I had around from another project, but it didn't look quite...
  16. sonar1

    Tesla cars

    These intrigue me. I see a lot of them around here. I think we had a discussion the other day about their patents etc. I guess from that I began wondering about the down side to all this hype and hoopla (not much of it coming from the nerds at Tesla Motors?)... I was at another site and the...
  17. sonar1

    NGD 1957 Gibson L-7

    Sold off a couple/three guitars and scored this '57 L-7 for $1850 out the door no case (I've got cases). It's beat, but repaired well. Frets and neck fine; doesn't need a reset; gears work; sounds GLORIOUS!
  18. sonar1

    Were you alive in 1957?

    I was seven years old. Just waking up to all the cars my oldest brother would point out and name as they drove by our house on Glen Avenue, Scotia: just across the Mohawk Bridge (and river) from One River Road: the G.E. plant in Schenectady, NY where my father worked for 22 years. This old...
  19. sonar1

    NGD - Firebird!

    Actually it was a couple weeks ago but my back was wracked up so I could only lay on the couch with my iPad, and all my pics are in THIS computer. Love the sound of these ceramic mini-buckers. Best bridge pickup alone sound ever (well, since I once played a early '70's LP Deluxe...
  20. sonar1

    Car culture - Guitar culture

    I have been enthusiastic for car culture ever since my oldest brother made it seem important back when we were kids. I still keep a running subscription to Car & Driver open. And yet I have had few cars (pickups mostly) anybody would ever deem exotic in any way, or even classic. Yet guitars...

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