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  1. Barker

    FS: 2013 Gibson Custom Shop Gloss 1959 Les Paul Reissue, R9, Left Handed, Killer!

    Hey everybody.... this thread is basically 6 years old. I still have this guitar but it has been to Historic Makeovers for an RDS and every part has been changed. It's a masterpiece... to me anyway!
  2. Barker

    The REFIN thread.

    2013 HM RDS
  3. Barker

    The REFIN thread.

    Cool, it's good to see my old Lefty R7 refin! I think I sent that to RS in 2013? i saw the flame in the cavity and had to find out what was underneath the gold. I can't find any other pictures right now but I know there are some in the 'Sticky' Mods thread I started.
  4. Barker

    FSOT: Mario Martin Model T Brazilian Board, Whitfill Offset (#1)

    Bump for some killer guitars! My Mario Martin Tele is my favorite guitar and may be the best guitar i've ever owned.
  5. Barker

    My 2016 R8 lefty

    Very nice, congrats! It's always cool to see a fellow lefty with a cool Lester.
  6. Barker

    Throbak JW-102b & Bartlett Rings

    All gone. Thanks everyone!
  7. Barker

    Throbak JW-102b & Bartlett Rings

    Verso l'alto
  8. Barker

    Throbak JW-102b & Bartlett Rings

    I'll do $140.00 shipped to CONUS on the rings.
  9. Barker

    Throbak JW-102b & Bartlett Rings

    The pickups have been sold as well. I still have the Bartlett Rings however.
  10. Barker

    Throbak JW-102b & Bartlett Rings

    Covers are gone.
  11. Barker

    Throbak JW-102b & Bartlett Rings

    The covers are sold pending payment. After doing a little more research on my pricing I think I'm a tad high. Let's say $550.00 for the Pickups (without covers) & Bartlett Rings.... that's PayPal, Shipped to CONUS.
  12. Barker

    Throbak JW-102b & Bartlett Rings

    Neck Pickup Bridge Pickup
  13. Barker

    Throbak JW-102b & Bartlett Rings

    Happy New Year!
  14. Barker

    Throbak JW-102b & Bartlett Rings

    For Sale: Throbak JW-102b and Barllett M69 Rings. I had this set up in a Bartlett Replica I used to own and held on to them for another guitar when I sold the replica... they have just been sitting in the box so it's time to let them go. This set up has some nice natural wear. The leads...
  15. Barker

    Opinions on new frets for my reissue...

    He thinks the refret is for a good reason that's why he's doing it. To the OP, I would go play a bunch of guitars and see what you like best. You can look up the specs after picking your favorite.
  16. Barker


    Bump for a great looking R9!
  17. Barker

    Incoming 19 R9 NGD! THANK YOU HOG

    Thanks for sharing Jon.. looks badass to me!
  18. Barker

    NGD 2019 R9

    I really dig the coloring on that one... congrats!

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