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    Online guitar supplies shop, that ships internationally?

    I think these guys are actually IN New Zealand:
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    Anyone else find StewMac delivery slow and expensive?

    Pots small? Just a different size of pot and metric threaded almost certainly - I don't know about today, but if you pulled the scratch plate on an Ibanez JEM (a $4000 guitar in Australia) a couple of years ago you'd find tiddly little pots hiding under there - was a shock to me. I don't think...
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    Anyone else find StewMac delivery slow and expensive?

    Never had an issue - shipping from StewMac to Sydney always seemed pretty much on the good side of average in terms of time - as lots of people have pointed out the only sensible and economical way to order from any overseas company like StewMac is to assemble as big an order as you can and ship...
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    White Ebony anybody used it? Know anything about it?

    ..... and the thought that to get one black log you have to cut down ten trees makes me feel quite ill, we, as end users of this material need to show a damn sight more responsibility for the consequences of our actions and decisions.
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    White Ebony anybody used it? Know anything about it?

    Welllll ....... it's the same timber, from the same tree in the same forest - respectfully I think you are missing the point a bit here - what Bob Taylor is saying basically is; "yes, actually it has the SAME value - it costs exactly the same amount of time, money and effort to harvest, and in a...
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    What Gibson Is THIS?!

    That track just reminds me of how utterly awesome Hall & Oates are - never thought they got the recognition they deserve - thanks for posting that - off to YouTube for me ...... :D
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    Hardware for a Les Paul kit?

    Sorry, buy the Gibson if you are even looking at these two options. If for some reason you don't like the guitar you can resell it for decent money, if for some reason you are not happy with the Precision Guitars kit you will take a monumental bath on your money if you try to sell it. PGK's...
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    Help/Advice With My "Holy 345"

    Option b is probably the easiest way to get a totally invisible repair - I don't think you'd need to touch the binding as veneer is .6mm thick (from memory) and as such it would be pretty easy to taper the edges of a well glued veneer down to the height of the existing binding. Being an archtop...
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    Thoughts on no finish on alder body?

    Actually this does raise an intriguing question (and yeah, I'd love an ouija board to quiz Rory on some of his licks :) ) - there is a recent English guitar mag "Guitarist presents Original Historic Hardware", which has a pretty nice article on Rory's Strat, in which there is purportedly a...
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    Bursts R Boring......

    ..... no one said "P90's are where it's at ......." P90s are where it's at :D
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    NEW Johnny A Spruce Top !

    $4500 or so ...... which begs the question - for that kind of asking price couldn't Gibson have stretched to proper mother of pearl inlays rather than pearloid - the inlay work is already done, just a different inlay material guys! Having made that minor gripe, this is a damn sight more...
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    Thoughts on no finish on alder body?

    Possible moisture issues if you are a prodigious sweater? I dunno - never heard that being an issue with Alder. Only one way to find out :)
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    NEW Johnny A Spruce Top !

    In a word, YES!
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    The Volute is Back

    As far as I can work out the volute does nothing to strengthen the neck to headstock area - seen plenty of voluted necks cracked straight through the volute come through the repair shop I used to work in. - the only thing that would (assuming you are talking Mahogany) help would be for Gibson...
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    Converting plain top to goldtop?

    HM do the whole deal - it's worth it if you want to go that way as you will end up with a phenomenal guitar, but if you simply want the top resprayed in gold, or even for that matter a total respray I think they are a little over the top, and I suspect they actually wouldn't do the respray on...
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    Steel vs Aluminum ABR

    Callaham will certainly give you snappiness, along with chime and an almost piano like clarity with a new set of strings. Every Gibson I own has Callaham ABRs and tailpieces. I believe they will do one in gold if you ask nicely, or at least they did a while ago.
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    Incoming....78 Les Paul Custom

    wow ..... that's beautiful!
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    Anyone considered redesigning the sideways vibrola?

    Good point :D And as a close friend of mine once said to me; "I have discovered the secret to a long and happy marriage! Just agree with everything your girl says and admit she is always right!" They have been married a long time - guess it works .... Still, truly horrible trem..... avoid if...
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    Gibson Custom Modern Double Cut Standard released at last

    Gibson invented the double cutaway guitar? what model? did it predate that weird thing called a Fender Stratocaster?
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    Gibson Custom Modern Double Cut Standard released at last

    Oh dear God, it does too ....... Washburn - call your lawyers now!

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