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  1. AngryHatter

    When It Comes to Concept Albums

    The Kinks Moody Blues Every album of theirs has a theme. I am NOT talking about seminal theme albums such as Sgt Pepper or Tommy. I mean bands in which every...every album had a common thread that was intelligently kept up. Sometimes so subtly as to be missed. What other bands themed...
  2. AngryHatter

    Best Of "Case Closed"

    Which pedals do you know with conviction that you will not be hunting for a better iteration. OD - HALO Wah - Cry Tone Tuner - Turbo Tuner I have zero interest is another tuner - how much better can they get? And that's what got me started with this. I was just thinking I...
  3. AngryHatter

    So I Went Up To Jimi...

    Charley Weber and jimi - YouTube
  4. AngryHatter

    Before The Beatles

    Singles were the norm. Albums were where you dumped the songs that were not good enough to be singles. Songs were written by writers, recorded by musicians & then performed by performers. Writing your own music let alone recording and performing it was not done. :dude: Whether you...
  5. AngryHatter

    Stolen Gear Chi Town

    "I want to tell you all that this morning at Chicago Ohare airport, while I was on my way to retrieving my luggage, someone stole my beloved Mohan Veena (pictured to the left of me). Security cameras showed a man pick it up and walk out. I've had that Veena more than 20years. There's hardly...
  6. AngryHatter

    Are You a Pimp Guitar Wise

    Pimps have to be able to spread their love among all the ladies. I am a one woman guy. And for some silly reason I find I am the same way when it comes to guitars. Even though I can play any guitar handed to me. I fall into a favorite and basically have no use for the others. I pick the...
  7. AngryHatter

    Wipe Towards the Front or Towards the Rear?

    With all these incredibly thoughtful threads about minutiae the rest of humanity ignores, I thought I'd ask which direction you wipe. Too political?:thumb:
  8. AngryHatter

    This Was The Start of Tapping

    A pal of mine (the guy that sold me the es345) after seeing this ad, started tapping; albeit he laid the guitar flat on his lap and used both hands to tap away. He got a pretty good approximation of the ad. classic TV Commercials - Maxwell house coffee - YouTube
  9. AngryHatter

    The Music Of The Beatles

    My class. I thought it was Syracuse - nope Rochester University.:laugh2: New Lectures Organizing the Biography and Music (14:08) Before Beatlemania (13:27) Hamburg and Liverpool (17:41) The First Recordings for Parlophone (11:55) Please Please Me (9:41) SCU – Love Me Do...
  10. AngryHatter

    Just Wow. Stained Glass guitar?

  11. AngryHatter

    WTF Is a Somoflange? Thundercats out-takes.:shock: I had forgotten all about this.:laugh2: Ho!
  12. AngryHatter

    Good Night Mr. Pete Seeger.

    First concert I ever attended. Pete Seeger/Abiyoyo - YouTube
  13. AngryHatter

    Economics 101

    For everyone expressing the OPINION (which is contrary to fact) that our debt is somehow a burden should consider the Chinese (wait, those perennial favorites of Fox decrying our debt and financial "situation"?) are in a huge world of hurt. Money impacts you, the government when your citizens...
  14. AngryHatter

    Here At Sochi

    Yes Jim, the games are off to a terrific start! Just look at his form! THIS IS SO EXCITING
  15. AngryHatter

    Trade for Firebird

    My wife? Yours. I have three guitars, amps, stomp boxes. All up. Vox SDC 33 Ovation Celebrity Ice-9 Satcherator Fab Tone MXR Distortion + Vox Vox V847-A MG-10 Markley 15 A lot of Dano pedals - phase, EQ A couple of Guvnors - 2nd and 3rd generation
  16. AngryHatter

    New Virus Threat - Sillier than the Nigerian Prince.

    Pretrial notice, Hereby we inform that you are obliged to come as a defendant to The Court of Atlanta in February 22, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. for the hearing of your case of illegal software use. If necessary you have a right to obtain a lawyer for your protection. You are kindly asked to have...
  17. AngryHatter

    Fake it Until You Make it

    Tips for appearing to know what you are doing. 1. Stop looking at the neck. I seek out someone in the audience to make eye contact..."He's playing to me!" Or close your eyes altogether. 2. Dress the part. Punk means no shirt and tie. By the same token, unless you are in a dirt band, dress up a...
  18. AngryHatter

    Winamp Didn't Die

    Winamp Supposedly Saved by Radionomy | "Things have been looking up for Winamp ever since the legendary MP3 player quietly survived its December 20 shutdown date. There had been rumors of a sale by AOL, but now TechCrunch reports that the sale is practically a done deal, with...
  19. AngryHatter

    Konokol Anyone?

    John McLaughlin/S.Ganesh Vinayakram- Gateway to Rhythm - YouTube The Gateway of Rhythm Ex 2 Ch 02 Angle 1 - YouTube Konokol method: Rhythm, Counting & Syncopation Regarding improving your rhythm, the following is the Konokol method for practicing music without playing an instrument. One can...
  20. AngryHatter

    Not Awful

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