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    Flying Vee neck heavy

    Hi Y'all, I built one of Phil's Precision Guitar Kit Vees before Gibson knobbled them - very, very nice. But VERY neck heavy! Before I start stuffing the control cavities with steel washers, any other suggestions as to redistributing the weight. A thick non slip strap just isn't going to...
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    Luthier for some fretwork in Austin Tx

    Hi everyone - I'll be in Austin next week ...... soon the 55 Strat has to come as well because a couple of months in Shanghai has left the nice new .fret ends poking out like little cut throat razors, and absolutely every luthiering weapon I own is buried in a storage unit in Sydney. I'd take a...
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    WTB - PRS DGT Goldtop with moons

    Not many of these around. Doesn't need to be perfect, but if possible prefer more recent year with Rosewood headstock overlay - not a deal breaker. Any one know of one floating around? I'll be in the USA from 30th September until 14th October, so I have a bit of time to look. Many...
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    Best substitute for PRS 53/10 pickups?

    Probably not the most appropriate forum, and maybe a bit of a weird question - PRS did a run of Bernie Marsdens with 53/10 pickups for a shop in the UK - the stock pickups are fine, but man, with the 53/10s the guitar is amazing. BUT, I don't think you can buy 53/10s separately, and in any...
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    A Couple of HM RDS with some old friends

    Since we seem to be on a roll here ..... IMG_4736 by David McCarroll, on Flickr IMG_4738 by David McCarroll, on Flickr IMG_4733 by David McCarroll, on Flickr RDS 57RI and 53 GT
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    Ron Wood Signature "L5S"

    Oh the pain: Ronnie Wood L-5S Sort of an L2S really - takes everything that makes the L5S a unique and kinda cool Gibson and turns it into a sort of flat, wide Les Paul without the charm. No flowerpot, no multiple bound everything, no L5S style fingerboard, no giant slabs of...
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    Dumb question for Mesa Mk5 Owners.....

    Got one ..... great amp, seriously great amp, and being marooned in Shanghai for a couple of years far and away the best brand available here. I have a Lonestar Special back home in Sunny Sydney, and while it was tempting to just replicate that it also seemed stupid to own two of the same...
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    Non Reverse Firebird Pickup Routes

    Hi everyone, I have a slightly obscure question - I'm looking at a couple of non-reverse Firebirds out there at the moment - cheap, awesome guitars - but I have plenty of P90 equipped Gibsons (yes, yes, I know, you can never have enough P90 guitars, but bear with me) - so, going through my...
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    The Other Gibson Single Cut

    Weird thing - wanted one since I was a kid ..... now I have one ...... what will I do with it........? 1978 Gibson L5S IMG_4977 by David McCarroll, on Flickr IMG_4979 by David McCarroll, on Flickr
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    Who's your favourite artist? And did you ignore them and try to find your own sound?

    Okay - I'm an average player..... but much as I love many, many talented musicians I have always tried (with limited success) to forge my own sound. How many people here have tried to establish their own unique bag of tricks, rather than choosing someone they love and trying to get as close...
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    Real 59 and a fake!

    Well, sort of - I'm cheating a bit - 59 ES350T utterly unmolested in any way and a Historic Makeovers 59RI RDS series. IMG_6705 by davidmccarroll2014, on Flickr IMG_6704 by davidmccarroll2014, on Flickr IMG_6702 by davidmccarroll2014, on Flickr IMG_6708 by davidmccarroll2014, on Flickr
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    53 Goldtop Love

    Pursuant to the current love for 53s, some studies...... IMG_6070 by davidmccarroll2014, on Flickr IMG_6069 by davidmccarroll2014, on Flickr IMG_6068 by davidmccarroll2014, on Flickr IMG_6066 by davidmccarroll2014, on Flickr
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    A couple of little bruisers

    IMG_6890 by davidmccarroll2014, on Flickr 65 SG Junior 63 Melody Maker - Curtis Novak MM sized P90 installed Killer guitars for not a whole lot of dosh!
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    55 Strat

    IMG_6196 by davidmccarroll2014, on Flickr El Cheapo (well, comparatively - it's wonderful what a body refinish will do to the affordability of a vintage Fender!)
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    Hi Y'all - just moved to Shanghai for a while for work - anyone else here live in Shanghai? Anyone looking for a guitarist ...... .... with a 55 Strat? Cheers, David
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    Question Regarding refretting of a 1955 Stratocaster?

    Hi everyone - while anyone is welcome to pitch in here, I'd prefer it if only those of you who actually have experience refretting 50's maple neck Fenders give advice. I have a very nice 1955 Strat - refin body but original neck in every way (except, oddly that someone has replaced the...
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    Precision Guitar Kits Vee - Finishing?

    Best $390 or whatever it cost that I have spent in quite a while. Only issue is that Phil chamfered the back of the headstock down to behind the nut in such a way that you have to use Mini Grovers - pretty much nothing else will fit! Burstbuckers from HM'd R9, parts from all over - this thing...
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    Another 53 Shallow wrap tail question....

    Someone (MOJOAxe perhaps?) told me that they are pretty sure that the shallower ear early 53 wrap tail is in fact the same height across the "business" (i.e.; where the strings pass over it) part as a regular later wrap tail - only the ears are shallower. Can anyone confirm this? I only...
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    53 Shallow Stoptail

    I have a 53 Les Paul (yeah, I know, lucky me - I got her cheap, but that's no excuse!) - anyway this guitar is one of the really early shallow neck angle Les Pauls with the thinner stoptail. As the finish on the stoptail is corroding, the top E seems to be developing a bit of a buzz - despite...
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    Old and Not So Old ..........

    Gibson 3 0982 and Historic Makeovers 7 1364 - both in their own way very special axes..... IMG_4742 by David McCarroll, on Flickr IMG_4743 by David McCarroll, on Flickr IMG_4739 by David McCarroll, on Flickr IMG_4735 by David McCarroll, on Flickr just noticed there is something...

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