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    Bloomfield's 59 burst

    Where is it? Just revisiting some of this mans work. Man could he play. Just sounds so raw. Who's got it?
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    Nut friction

    What is the best nut lube for a graph tech nut? I was thinking pencil shavings (graphite)?
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    What’s the deal with guitar collecting addiction?

    I know a couple Chicago Symphony musicians. They don't collect their violins or cellos. These people are among the best in the world at what they do. Imagine musicians collecting pianos, tubas, drum sets, clarinets, saxaphones? Virtually every famous guitar player has hundreds. A multitude...
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    Weight range of the lightest les pauls

    How light can they get?
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    How does mahogany age?

    Curious how the color changes over time with nitro Finishes. This would be for the natural finish backs. Does it darken like cherry does? I’ve seen cherry cabinets get real dark over time. Anyone have any before and after photos? On this new guitar, the mahogany looks quite light and nice.
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    Multitrack recorder vs. ipad

    Hoping you guys can walk me through a decision. I’ve decided I’m not going to use my desktop computer to do basic recording. Don't have the space around my iMac computer and I need portability. Background and needs. This would be for solo songwriting and fun. Mostly it needs to be fun and...
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    My dream machine

    I posted this in the recording section, but not sure it should go here as well as I would like to hear thoughts from amp modeling fans. I am so impressed with my little Vox Adio air GT, and what seems like the future the little spark type amps. I got my thinking about taking it one (or a...
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    My all in one dream machine

    I am so impressed with my little Vox Adio air GT, and what seems like the future the little spark type amps. I got my thinking about taking it one (or a couple) steps further for guys like me who want a super easy 8 track recorder system handy and ready to go. Disclaimer, I dont do DAWS, I’d...
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    Show me your knobs

    Whatever you do, do not show me “your knob”. Show me your Non-Original LP knobs. Specifically if anyone has photos of a tobacco burst with either gold or black speed knobs (what I’m considering). Also, curious if anyone uses different knobs for neck and bridge or tone and volume. Maybe...
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    Top hat texture

    Anyone ever made little cuts in the edge of the top hat control knobs so they grip better? Kind of like the edge of a quarter? I find them hard to use without some texture to grip. Any aftermarket knobs that would look similar to gold top hats but function better? Don’t really care for the...
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    Return to sender

    You know the warranty card that comes with a new Gibson? The one with the automated self addressed envelope? Just got it returned to me. "Not deliverable as addressed, unable to forward, return to sender". My next move?
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    Anyone had the guts to do this to a new LP?

    De-gloss the neck to a matte finish to make it more playable on a brand new expensive guitar? I just know it would play better matte, just scared to do it. It looks so pretty, but I’ve been told I can buff it back. Who has done it and never looked back?
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    Les Paul setup Video

    Matt seems to have confidence in what he is doing in this video and he explains it very straightforwardly. It doesn’t seem as daunting now. Step by step it seems pretty simple. Is there anything else to add, or is it really this easy.
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    Stop bar too low?

    Please see attached photos. I have a slight buzzing only on high E string. From about 8 to 14th fret. I noticed the high E string is the only string touching the back of the bridge before it goes over the top. Could this be causing the buzz? Also, from the photos, do you think the stop bar...
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    ergonomics while practicing

    Any tips for long practice sessions sitting in front of youtube? I’m really digging some advanced stuff but it takes hours of time going through it all. I find I get uncomfortable after too long. Either my back, neck or shoulder starts to ache or my leg can fall asleep holding the guitar. I...
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    How bad is it for the guitar? For the electronics etc.? I really want to leave this guitar out. I will play it multiple times a day. If I have to put it in a case, in closet, it will be a lost child. Wife doesn’t want to look at case sitting in living room. Every previous electric I have...
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    NGD description

    Sorry fellas, no photos. You all know what a brand new standard 50’s in tobacco burst looks like. It’s top is very nice and shiny and new. I have to say, this instrument is spectacular. If I could, a brief description. It feels is solid as a rock, Even though it weights 9.5, it feels very...
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    Hang vs. stand

    Given about 10lbs of weight, and the angle of the neck attached to the body (angled, not straight), do you think it is wise to hang a les Paul by the neck for prolonged periods of time. MIght this slowly warp the neck where it meets the body due to the angle? I can see a light Fender with a...
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    Taking care of Brand new guitar

    I’ve got a brand new standard 50’s on order. Never owned this nice of instrument or a nitro guitar. Please help with do’s and dont’s. I plan on playing this often so it may spend a lot of time on a very stable floor stand. Dust will accumulate. What’s the best way to deal with dust short of...
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    Guitar elbow (tendinitis)

    Anyone suffer from this? I’ve got it from extensive lead playing. Similar spot to golfers elbow near funnybone. Don’t feel like stopping playing for months. Anyone have easy to understand exercises that you have found to work? Thanks.

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