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    Bloomfield's 59 burst

    Excellent, thank you. I’ll try and get some copies. I grew up in the same town as Bloomfield. Pretty white, pretty rich. Unfortunately I was busy listening to AM pop radio in the early 70’s in grade school to even think about the blues. Didn’t really discover and delve into blues until I...
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    Bloomfield's 59 burst

    Those markings look like an exact match! Who’s is bobburst and more importantly, how the hell did he get it and what did he do with it? I didn’t realize Bloomfield really beat the English boys at their game. By 1959 he was already playing blues clubs on the south side of Chicago. Quite...
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    Bloomfield's 59 burst

    Where is it? Just revisiting some of this mans work. Man could he play. Just sounds so raw. Who's got it?
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    So many models, what to look at

    At the 1 year mark, your Epi is fine. Hell at the 30 year mark, your Epi is fine. Play the hell out of it. If you want to jump to a gibson, get the Les Paul Tribute. It’s relatively cheap, a great guitar that could serve you for the rest of your life as far as tone and playability. If you...
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    Nut friction

    What is the best nut lube for a graph tech nut? I was thinking pencil shavings (graphite)?
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    Starting a little road trip today, will my LP be alright in the trunk for 12 hours?

    Put a thermometer in there for a few hours on a hot day. My guess is over 160 F in Texas in July. It will depend on the color of the car too. Black car, you’re toast. White will be significantly better. TEST!
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    What’s the deal with guitar collecting addiction?

    I know a couple Chicago Symphony musicians. They don't collect their violins or cellos. These people are among the best in the world at what they do. Imagine musicians collecting pianos, tubas, drum sets, clarinets, saxaphones? Virtually every famous guitar player has hundreds. A multitude...
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    Weight range of the lightest les pauls

    I'm talking with chambering.
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    Weight range of the lightest les pauls

    How light can they get?
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    Studio amp: minimum watts?

    Keith Richards main studio recording amp is a Fender Tweed Champ using input 2, volume set low. You can get creative. On ”Street fighting man”, Richards on an acoustic and Watts on a toy drum kit, played into a Philips portable cassette recorder off the cheap mic attached with it. That is...
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    How does mahogany age?

    Does Gibson use nitrocellulose over catalyzed acrylic?
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    How does mahogany age?

    Would they dye the natural finish back to the standard 50s? It looks un-stained, has a light brownish orange color. So I assume it's just a clear nitro over mahogany. You think it will retain most of that color? Stored mostly in case.
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    How does mahogany age?

    I know water based poly on oak floors wont change color. It will retain the original light oak color over time. Any oil based poly on oak floors will darken and amber over time. So I was assuming the nitro would amber and darken.
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    How does mahogany age?

    Curious how the color changes over time with nitro Finishes. This would be for the natural finish backs. Does it darken like cherry does? I’ve seen cherry cabinets get real dark over time. Anyone have any before and after photos? On this new guitar, the mahogany looks quite light and nice.
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    Show me your knobs

    Tobacco burst now all chrome. These knobs function so much better than the tiny plastic. I'll actually be able to use them. No Gretsch logo.
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    Multitrack recorder vs. ipad

    Hoping you guys can walk me through a decision. I’ve decided I’m not going to use my desktop computer to do basic recording. Don't have the space around my iMac computer and I need portability. Background and needs. This would be for solo songwriting and fun. Mostly it needs to be fun and...
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    My dream machine

    Thanks CB, I knew there was a reason why it’s a dumb idea. I just really like The idea of push button simplicity. I could spend half my life trying to figure things out. Let all the little engineers in the box do the work. That spark is looking better. Let us know how it is.
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    My dream machine

    I posted this in the recording section, but not sure it should go here as well as I would like to hear thoughts from amp modeling fans. I am so impressed with my little Vox Adio air GT, and what seems like the future the little spark type amps. I got my thinking about taking it one (or a...
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    My all in one dream machine

    I am so impressed with my little Vox Adio air GT, and what seems like the future the little spark type amps. I got my thinking about taking it one (or a couple) steps further for guys like me who want a super easy 8 track recorder system handy and ready to go. Disclaimer, I dont do DAWS, I’d...
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    spark amp

    With my vox adio air, I can Bluetooth YouTube to the amp and jam along at same time. Maybe with this you could do the same thing but might be limited to just using the amp settings, not the app controller?

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