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  1. Benniator

    So many models, what to look at

    I’ve got an older Epi LP Custom and a new Gibson LP Standard. With fretwork, setup, and multiple hardware upgrades for the Epi, playability is roughly the same between the two. However, the first time I played them back to back after buying the Gibson I was shocked at the difference in feel...
  2. Benniator

    Ever feel like you are "there" with LPs and guitars in general?

    I’m pretty set with guitars. I’ve got a terrific LP Standard and Martin acoustic, plus a very nice Epiphone LP Custom. I might get a Gibson ES-335, but that’ll be when (if?) the pandemic ends.
  3. Benniator

    Burstbucker Pro is awful!

    I had Burstbucker 61’s (pretty similar to the Pro’s) in my Standard, and swapped them for a set of overwound Fralin Pure PAFs. The 61’s were ok, but the Fralins sound clearer and more articulate. They transformed my guitar.
  4. Benniator

    Gibson Les Paul Custom 1974 3 pickup guitar $2700

    $27? I’ll take two.
  5. Benniator

    favorite stock epiphone humbuckers

    Whatever I had in my ‘07 Custom were a muddy mess. I swapped them out for Seymour Duncans and haven’t touched them since.
  6. Benniator

    DAMN! The first one always hurts!!!!

    Damn. Might as well disassemble it for parts.
  7. Benniator

    50s LP Standard or LP Modern

    I chose a ‘60s Standard over a Modern mostly because I wanted a solid body without chambering, plus Bourbon burst is a damn nice finish.
  8. Benniator

    Buying a new 60"s Standard . Anything different in 2019 and 2020 ?

    Welcome to the Bourbon club! We're the sophisticated ones. Nice flame.
  9. Benniator

    NGD-Wildwood Select 50's Dark Cherry

    How’s that Gibson stand? High quality? Stable? I’ve been thinking of buying one. And congrats on your Standard, jmpman!
  10. Benniator

    2013 Gibson Custom R8 - Bourbon Burst - $3,000

    Beautiful plain top in the best finish. Good luck with the sale!
  11. Benniator

    Buying a new 60"s Standard . Anything different in 2019 and 2020 ?

    Nope. Same build, features and finishes. Some retailers have different finishes; for example Guitar Center has an exclusive Tri-Burst finish.
  12. Benniator

    A "Stove Top" Gibson Les Paul On Reverb

    No! It’s gone! I’ve been looking for a Custom Shop Stove Swirl for years! Damn it!
  13. Benniator

    How do you straplock your Les Paul?

    I have a pair of Schallers that I'm considering installing on my '60s Standard.
  14. Benniator

    NGD: My Magnum Opus

  15. Benniator

    NGD: Gibson Les Paul Standard 60's in Bourbon Burst (with some new pics!)

    Congrats and welcome to the Bourbon club! It’s crazy how much these vary in color. Mine looks like a Tobacco Burst.
  16. Benniator

    Gibson Virtual Guitar Tech Service

    Joking aside, is it really much of an upgrade to have a bone nut made for a Gibson?
  17. Benniator

    Gibson Virtual Guitar Tech Service

    Of course I bought a 30 watt iron with lead-free solder. I was thinking of cancelling my order due to the extended wait, now I guess I'll be cancelling it for sure. StewMac, here I come.
  18. Benniator

    Gibson Virtual Guitar Tech Service

    Yeah, I plan on practicing extensively if and when Harbor Freight ships my soldering gun and supplies. I've watched a couple videos. It doesn't seem too difficult, but it's also being done to a $2,500 guitar and expensive pickups. That makes me hesitant. We'll see. However, if the local shops...

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