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  1. Guitpicky

    Richlite in Hindsight

    Now that Gibson is back to using ebony fretboards on Customs again, do you think it's devalued the ones with Richlite boards at all? I think it's something I'd get used to if that were the only option available, but given a choice it would be ebony over Richlite every time. None of the debates...
  2. Guitpicky

    Ceramic caps vs:

    Hey guys, new to this section of the forum. Last November I bought a 2018 Modern LP Custom and have loved everything about it. It had a long list of top tier Gibson custom shop specs including a hand wired harness but no mention of caps. Just out of curiosity I opened it up to find out and they...
  3. Guitpicky

    Paying the Price for a Gibson

    One of the biggest complaints about Gibson is their pricing. Personally I think EVERYTHING is overpriced in today's market mostly due to credit and disposable income. Whether Gibson guitars are "worth it" is a debate that will never end but that's not what this post is about. All those debates...
  4. Guitpicky

    Rattling 3 Way Toggle Switch

    So I just got a new LP Custom and I was getting an annoying buzz on the high E string but only sometimes. I finally figured out that when the toggle is in the middle position it rattles and vibrates in resonance with the high E. It's a Switchcraft and everything else is fine, rock solid in both...
  5. Guitpicky


    So today I traded in my beloved hog top LP Standard To get this First and only one I've ever seen, but it was love at first sight. Only made a month and a half ago, so these are pretty new. Not on the Gibby website yet. Supposedly they had another one at Chicago Music Exchange but it...
  6. Guitpicky

    Elixir Optiweb

    I was wondering if anyone here has tried the new Optiwebs from Elixir on their Les Paul. If so what do you think of them? They're pretty new so not many real reviews out there yet.
  7. Guitpicky

    Time as Music

    Since there are a likely a number of highly qualified musicians here, I figured it would be a good place to ask. I was never taught formal music theory, which is why I've taken up guitar in my mid 50s... to learn more about what music is at its most fundamental level and how it works. I...
  8. Guitpicky

    NGD Gibson Les Paul STD Limited Edition Mahogany Top

    I found this forum when I was searching for info on my new guitar. There really isn't a lot of info out there on this specific model except at Gibson's website. It's a 2016 limited run but I have no idea how many were produced. It's essentially the same as a regular Les Paul Standard 2016t but...

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