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  1. Wuuthrad

    Gibsons with Maple necks: which models?

    Just a general question which Gibsons were made with Maple necks or Maple boards- I’ve found the LPJ, SGJ and a few HP models had them, and also the L6S. If anyone can add to this list that would be awesome! I think the stability and strength of Maple is better and less bendy than Mahogony, my...
  2. Wuuthrad

    V shaped Guitar Necks- the search begins!

    Looking for recommendations or advice on what guitars have a V shaped neck. I have a hollow body Loar LH309, which I believe to be modeled after the might Gibson L5, and find it to be the most comfortable shaped neck for my playing style and hands which get RSI occasionally, and want to find an...
  3. Wuuthrad

    Riff Lords: Learn Riffs w/ Richie Faulkner of Judas Priest

    What’s more Metal? Injecting ourselves with bleach? Opening our abdomen to the healing rays of the sun? Or learning kickass Priest Riffs as taught by Richie Faulkner on a sweet Les Paul Custom?! (TV yellow?) I know what I choose! :
  4. Wuuthrad

    How to change settings re. receiving Emails about threads.

    I’ve set my preferences to not receive emails, pressed save, yet I am still getting many emails in my inbox. I would like to not receive email notificationsI must be missing something how to set this up. Thanks in advance for your help! :cheers2:
  5. Wuuthrad

    Looking for a new Resonator- All Metal, Tricone or maybe Single.

    Does anyone have any advice, opinions or recommendations? I’m thinking about buying one with my stimulus money, and am considering one of the models from Royall or Republic that cost around 7-800$. Are there any advantages to spending more? :cheers2:
  6. Wuuthrad

    Epiphone Guitar Giveaway

    Everyday through April, and beyond if we’re still quarantined, Gibson TV and Mark Agnesi are giving away a brand new Epiphone 2020 guitar! Good on ya Mr Agnesi and good on ya Gibson!
  7. Wuuthrad

    Jimmy Page Address and Q&A, Oxford Union

    Found this the other day, what a great talk! Jimmy Page was one of the first Electric Guitarists that really resonated with me when I was young in the 1970’s, and here he talks in detail about the early years with Zeppelin and more, answering questions from a room of young adults at Oxford...
  8. Wuuthrad

    NGD Anyone? 2017 Gibson Firebird Studio HP

    I love this thing. I’ve only played it for a few minutes and have never done an NGD before so here we go. 496R and 500T pickups, adjustable titanium nut (for slide and SRV wannabe style, and GFORCE tuners!) Uhuh that’s right! Electronic tuners with 3 banks of tunings, 1 user customizable. I...
  9. Wuuthrad

    Good tunes for Hard times...

    So during all of these heavy times right now, I’d like to share what I’ve been listening to, and encourage everyone else to do the same! Wilco Playlist Kinda similar to my Amazon playlist. Nice songs and great music! Anyone else want to recommend or share some tunes? Cheers! :cheers2:
  10. Wuuthrad

    Rosanne Cash is killing it on PBS right now

    What a show, love me some Country! Really, folk music. Where would we be without it?

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