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  1. Wuuthrad

    More than just a Minnesota Thread....

    I can’t keep up with all this outrage, nor do I care to, but this whole thing reads like a bunch of white guys, many southern, acting like know it alls about racism. Although when you think about it, it kinda makes sense doesn’t it?
  2. Wuuthrad

    jokes & funnies.

  3. Wuuthrad

    jokes & funnies.

    The internet is making people stupid:
  4. Wuuthrad

    New Gibson Les Pauls - what happened?

    I’ve been able to remove tobacco, mildew and cat odor to a certain degree with a combination of baking soda, a carbon based deodorizing pack I bought of Amazon for 10$ and also some incense I liked- I stuck it in the guitar sound hole for a few months. Come to think of it I remember using pine...
  5. Wuuthrad

    More than just a Minnesota Thread....

  6. Wuuthrad

    More than just a Minnesota Thread....

    Dam why y’all so worried about riots? The flu kills more people every year!
  7. Wuuthrad

    jokes & funnies.

  8. Wuuthrad

    Should i return my new Gibson? #2

    Malarky! I call BS. Watch this entire series: On one hand, who can imagine taking one of these online snowflakes in a cross country tour in a van playing dive bars? LMAO- I can just see it now- “where’s my unblemished organic tomatoes?” It’s like a right or passage for pussy trolls: How...
  9. Wuuthrad

    How many versions of fhe big muff have you owned?

    My fav one was nicked by someone at a club in the 90s I think it was one of the original ones? I can’t remember much but it was a well used metal box that sounded pretty gnarly! I’m a distortion pedal addict and just went to Guitar Center the other day (funny scene there as everyone was...
  10. Wuuthrad

    jokes & funnies.

  11. Wuuthrad

    Cart Narcs

    I guess it’s really a difference between the States more than anything, and had seen a few videos on here (which happened to be people in California acting like total imbeciles to say the least,) and was curious more than anything. So thanks for shedding some light this. In my life I’ve...
  12. Wuuthrad

    Cart Narcs

    You’ve got a good point, but if someone was defacing my property I’d have a hard time keeping as cool as the guy did after his truck was f’ed with. And how can this kid threaten people by placing carts in the way of people’s cars, and waving sticks at them. That’s not legal in my locality. I’m...
  13. Wuuthrad

    Epiphone says "Graduate to a Gibson"

    Well thanks I do like to support the “black” market. lol
  14. Wuuthrad

    Epiphone says "Graduate to a Gibson"

    Hey why not keep sending money to a corrupt foreign govt that cares little about humanity, cuz we need cheap stuff now. I’m sure nothing bad will ever Oh wait... Anyone else want to tell me who deserves my money and how I’m supposed to spend it?
  15. Wuuthrad

    Since it's Friday, this seems appropriate

    Missus Ed I can imagine, but was it Mister Ed? Cuz that’s just wrong...
  16. Wuuthrad

    Tell Me About P-90s

    Stock Gibson P90 on my LPJDC sounds incredible- clean or mild distortion all the way up to hi gain. Nothing like it really! I’m not a good judge of other pickups though, I always roll with stock setups and make the most of em, but you can’t go wrong with P90s if you’re looking for a certain...
  17. Wuuthrad

    A Gibson Fraud

    Off topic but check this out: From a blue sparkle flake 90s Gibson/Epiphone Les Paul Custom. Sweet guitars!
  18. Wuuthrad

    Finally found a used SG selling for 513 bucks

    I’m jealous! Great guitar at a ridiculous price. 2015-2017 SG and LP are great Gibson years imo- love the wide board and titanium adjustable nut, and Maple neck on some. The GForce is good (when it works) but when it doesn’t it’s a pita, but easily swappable for hipshots w/out drilling, or...
  19. Wuuthrad

    jokes & funnies.

  20. Wuuthrad

    Epiphone says "Graduate to a Gibson"

    Thats hardly true if you’re suggesting Gibson has been making the same guitar year after year. Maybe the names of some model categories (Les Paul, SG) haven’t changed, but they have innovated quite a bit with different guitars, design options, hardware and electronics going all the way back to...

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