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  1. chriskoz

    Favorite Bob Dylan Guitar Songs

    Bob Dylan has played with some big time, talented guitarists. What is your favorite Dylan guitar song to play? I'm looking for something with a cool rhythm, i.e. Like a Rolling Stone, even though the leads and background fills, especially the Charlie Sexton stuff, is awesome.
  2. chriskoz

    Rhythm Guitarists

    The more I play (which is honestly a lot right now with all the down time) the more I realize how much I like rhythm playing. I've rediscovered players like Keith Richards who did so much with rhythm guitar. Can someone suggest some other rhythm players or songs that have interesting rhythm...
  3. chriskoz

    Pro Jr, oh yeah, it’s loud enough

    I had a gig last week with my band, Orifice, at a small bar here in Baltimore. I thought my Marshall head with a cabinet would be overkill so I took my little Fender Pro Jr. initially I was worried about it being loud enough. I used it in rehearsal and thought it would be fine. Turned out great...
  4. chriskoz

    Starting Originals Band

    I started a Baltimore based band about one year ago and we have written and recorded around ten original songs. We have had about 3 or 4 gigs in that time and turned down 1 or 2 others. Honestly though I'm getting frustrated that we aren't playing out more. I know I just need to stay with it and...
  5. chriskoz

    Tool streaming their music!

    Never thought I’d see this! Or maybe I was waiting to see how long it would take, either way, it is very cool.
  6. chriskoz

    Neck vs Bridge Pickup

    I'm sorry if this exists somewhere else but I couldn't find it if it was. I've noticed in the last couple of interviews I've seen, most recently Richard Robinson, people have mentioned they strongly prefer their bridge pickup to the neck, some even go so far as to say they could easily remove...
  7. chriskoz

    What song are you working on?

    I hope this hasn't been done yet, if so, just blast me. I'm in a rut and just need ideas, so I'm curious, what song are you working on? I don't know what I'm looking for, no need to explain why you're working on it or how easy or hard it is, I'm hoping something just clicks, and am genuinely...
  8. chriskoz

    Trio Pedal Power

    I have a Trio on my pedal board and am using a Joyo JP-02. It powers up then goes dark. I'm running other pedals, Way Huge, Flashback Delay, Boss Distortion, Wah,but rarely at the same time. I'm guessing that because the Joyo is probably just a fancy daisy chain that there just isn't enough...
  9. chriskoz

    Pedal Board with Pedals

    I have an SKB PS8 that I am selling with case, power, cables and two pedals. One is a Legion Sound DDD-1 delay, and the second is an Ibanez Chorus/Flange. Asking $75, which includes reasonable shipping, unless you need it by tomorrow and you're in Fiji. I'd rather not break it up, but I'm open...
  10. chriskoz

    Jazz songs?

    I'm an intermediate player and now and then like to try something new. I've been playing around with some country lead and next I want to try some jazz. I like bee bop, and find it pretty expansive and open ended. Does anyone know or play around with any songs that translate well to guitar...
  11. chriskoz

    Orville LP Std

    I'm keeping my eye out for another Les Paul. I have a trad pro right now that I like and was thinking about a Studio, then got interested in Japanese guitars. I like the Gibson Studio 50' and 60's tributes, but want to keep an open mind.I'm into quality, not brands, so don't care who the builder...
  12. chriskoz

    Buzz with Elevenrack

    Hey guys. I'm having an issue recording with my Elevenrack. I'm getting a hum when I record with the guitar plugged in and when I turn down the guitar the hum goes away. When I plug the guitar into another amp there's no hum. Any ideas? The hum is worse with my strat but I still get it with...
  13. chriskoz

    NAD Fender Pro Junior

    I spent about an hour putting pedals in the front of my Fender pro Junior, which I love, only to realize I like the clean sound. I started with a swollen pickle, then chorus, then boss overdrive, delay and flange. I've been playing mostly blues lately, including junior Kimbrough, which is how...
  14. chriskoz

    Blues rhythm

    I had a question yesterday about soloing, and I appreciate the feedback, so today I have a rhythm question. Sometimes I get bored playing the same rhythm as everyone else in an open jam, so I play the notes within the chords rather than the whole chord. Also, while other people are often...
  15. chriskoz

    Blues Soloing

    I'm starting to sit in on some open jams, and am really enjoying it. I've jammed with friends but am now taking it up a notch, so am a little more cautious. I've been playing for about ten years, but am by no means an expert, and I don't pretend to be. I've been working the scales and trying...
  16. chriskoz


    Last night I took a song from the 80's and put it to Sleepwalk. The idea came to me while I was driving. I am admittedly a terrible singer, and if this were something serious I would be embarrassed to share it, but since it is all in good fun, I'm almost okay with it. My problem, aside from the...
  17. chriskoz

    Rock and Roll driving me mad

    I've been learning how to play the main riff from Zeppelin's rock and roll, and it's driving me crazy. I know it's not the toughest song in the world but the timing just eludes me. I'm pretty close and will keep at it until I get it, but I wanted to know what song damn near broke you. It doesn't...
  18. chriskoz

    Bad Little Doggie

    Hey All, I'm messing around with Bad Little Doggie by Government Mule. I've got the riff but I can't tell what he's doing on the solo. I've been listening to the live album. If someone could at least tell me what key or scale he's playing I would really appreciate it. Thank You
  19. chriskoz

    Masterpiece Albums

    I was listening to Exile on Main Street today, which really is a masterpiece in it's arrangements and instrumentation. I know there are some other classic masterpieces, like Dark Side of The Moon, and Quadraphenia. I can name some others but I'm wondering if anyone knows of any contemporary...
  20. chriskoz

    Alternative Rock Songs?

    Hey All, It seems like I just keep going back to classic rock for fun guitar riffs. Anyone know some good riffs from modern/alt rock bands? There's some Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chilly Pepper stuff I really like, but I am having trouble finding stuff newer than that, even though I know it's out...

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