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  1. racerratt

    Oklahoma Weather Last Night

  2. racerratt

    76 Custom New Pic's

    Got bored so took some new pic's of the old Norlin. Damn, my cat has really done a number on this chair! LOL!! The criminal acting innocent in one of her many sleeping spots! My Gracy Grey. :)
  3. racerratt

    F/s gibson 57 classic pup's

    57 classic pup's out of a 2000 LP Elegant. Comes with original nickel covers. The readings on them as I remember were, bridge pup was around 8.0 and the neck pup was just under that. PayPal, price includes shipping to the lower 48. $ 120 NO TRADES
  4. racerratt

    Gibson classic 57 pup's, vintage dimarzio super distortion

    No trades. PayPal only. Shipped CONUS. Prices are firm. GIBSON CLASSIC 57 PUP'S These pickups came out of a 2000 Gibson Les Paul Elegant. $160 DIMAZIO SUPER DISTORTION Late 70's SD bridge pup. $80
  5. racerratt

    Analogman, Barber, MI Audio, MXR, Boss

    NEW PRICES, THIS IS AS LOW AS I WILL GO All pedals shipped in the USA. PayPal. NO TRADES! All pedals like new or other wise noted. Boss chorus is not for sale Fulltone Deja-Vibe is not for sale Analogman Sunface - Standard Germanium Transistors, Sundial knob and On/Off Fuzz Pot. Comes with...
  6. racerratt

    1975 Marshall JMP 50 watt

    Great amp but it's just sitting around not being used. Amp is in pristine condition. 6550 tubes. Master volume mod. I'm the second owner of this infamous amp. I will cover shipping charge. Shipped in the CONUS only. Paypal only. First $1400.00 takes it. NO TRADES PRICE IS FIRM
  7. racerratt

    Fs: Timmy, fulltone fatboost 3, boss tu-2 tuner, boss ce-5 chorus

    NO TRADES All shipping and paypal costs covered. Shipped priority mail only in the CONUS. All pedals are like new in original boxes and work perfectly. Only the Timmy has a small chip on paint and does not have original box shipped in. TIMMY - $190 FULLTONE FATBOOST III - $95 BOSS TU-2...
  8. racerratt

    Pup's fs - gibson fender seymour duncan dimarzzio

    All pup's shipped priority mail in the CONUS. I will take PayPal costs. NO TRADES! I'm the original owner and all pup's are in working order. Gibson 57 Classic's - These came out of a 2000 LP Elegant. Black coils, nickel covered screws. Rhythm pup wire 10 inches, lead pup wire...
  9. racerratt


    New member here. :) This site is a little more user friendly here and to put it bluntly, I am a LP nutcase so..., here I am. I posted some pics in the gallery but here are a few for your pleasure.
  10. racerratt


    Found this site by mistake. I am a member of the other place (you know who I'm talking about) and was a little surprise to see a few members from that place here. It is a little stuffy over there. Enough small talk. I will post some pic's but I don't see a spot for my LP Elegant. And maybe a...

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