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  1. fleahead

    New Danelectro Guitar

    Corrected yes, I guess that's what I meant but thanks for the clarification. I used to loath heat presses back in the day.
  2. fleahead

    Any idea what this kind of flame is called?

    My avatar is an '01 RB, Patty Lou. Yours is more proof of the amazing tops they had that year.
  3. fleahead

    New Danelectro Guitar

    Hey, Martin acoustics didn't even HAVE a truss rod until 1973
  4. fleahead

    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    Jeeez, I'm old... I remember Dennis back in the day
  5. fleahead

    '64 SG Jr. horror show restoration goodness. opinions welcome. pic heavy.

    Those original SG contours are beautiful, understated I agree. Flowing and graceful. Than at some point they got sharp...
  6. fleahead

    '64 SG Jr. horror show restoration goodness. opinions welcome. pic heavy.

    Oh, have mercy........... Bloody stunning.
  7. fleahead

    Help ID this "Vintage LP"?

    I can ID this easily "I D-CLAIR that is a piece of shit!!"
  8. fleahead

    Guitar Pick Disappears

    Look in your dryer
  9. fleahead

    New Danelectro Guitar

    Have a Longhorn bass, 2nd one. Great short-scale, wish they reissued the long scale short horn. Ever since I saw Golden Earring live in the '70s I wanted one. Bought one back then, sold it and now a re-ish is back in the studio. Great, identifiable tone and good bang for the buck
  10. fleahead

    Gwyneth you genius!

    OH FUCK!!! THAT should be a thing!!!!
  11. fleahead

    Firebird questions — thinking about getting one

    Having had a 65 VII and a Medallion V, I'm actually intrigued with Epi V at $599
  12. fleahead

    Fifty shades of White

  13. fleahead

    New Old Neil Young

    I love how all of those guys really love heavily compressed signals, especially Young. Just this great, squishy tone whether distorted or clean, electric or acousic.
  14. fleahead

    New Old Neil Young

  15. fleahead

    Thread of interesting/unusual tops!

    Joey Mulland (Badfinger) with a unusual topped LP that I had for him and several musicians for a charity concert the day after George Harrison passed. It was a cool fugly top but unfortunately the top seam was splitting but he liked how it played and sounded. He's with Denny Laine
  16. fleahead

    Fractal FM3 announced (AX8 replacement/improvement)

    Cost me $425 70 high-quality AMP models that utilize MOOER’s non-liner amp modelling technology from the MICRO PREAMP series. Supports loading extra amp models via editing software. TONE CAPTURE function allows you to sample and capture your real-life amplifier to create brand new digital amp...

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