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  1. kherman

    Paul Stanley on rhythm guitar.

    Thought this was pretty cool.
  2. kherman

    Jack Ryan (Amazon Series)

    Mean't, Jack Ryan. Anybody else watching it? Really like this show. I'm on episode 4. Very intense. Keeps you interested. John Krasinski from "the office" plays Jack. Wasn't sure at first if he'd be a good fit. But, he actually plays the role very well. So far, the shows worth checking out if...
  3. kherman

    Full time RV-ing

    It's becoming a big trend with over a million people in the US alone doing it. Are you a fulltime RVer or thinking of becoming an RVer? Are you a retiree or a young millenial doing it? Do you Workamp? Work full time online (from your RV)? Or just living off your retirement? Do you travel? Or...
  4. kherman

    Ted McCarty Interview

    You had your eye on what Fender was doing? Ted McCarty: Yes, we realized that he was gaining popularity in the West. He didn’t get anywhere in New York or this part of the country—it was strictly in the West. I watched him and watched him, and I said, "We’ve got to get into that business...
  5. kherman

    The Saturday evening money shot!

    Ooh, I love a dirty girl dressed in red. Yeah, baby! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Uhh! OK, I'm done. Time for nappy nap. Sorry, no cuddling. Don't let the door slam you in the arse on the way out. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
  6. kherman

    Gibson Les Paul Signature Player Plus 2018

    Anyone seen these yet? Gibson Les Paul Signature Player Plus 2018 Features: Gibson's iconic solidbody electric guitar, updated for the modern player AA maple top; non-weight-relieved mahogany body Fast mahogany neck with rounded profile; 24.75" scale length Bound, 1-piece Richlite...
  7. kherman

    Woman Alleges Former Anthrax Guitarist Dan Spitz Raped Her A woman has come forward with allegations that former Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz raped her when she was fifteen-years-old. Almost as chillingly, she claims that Paul Stanley...
  8. kherman

    NCD coming. VHT (their here)

    I ordered two of these from MF. With the reduced price and 15% coupon, they're only $118. Even if I don't care for the chromeback speaker, I can still upgrade with a WGS or Eminence speaker and still be around or under $200 each. 12" VHT ChromeBack 1260 Speaker 60 watts 16 ohms Closed-back...
  9. kherman

    New Grandmeister Day

    Here is my (new to me) H&K Grandmeister plugged into my Jet City 2x12 cab which I have loaded with Carvin GT12-6 speakers. Picked it up used for $900. Included the carry case, foot controller and cords. Some more shots. Great little amp so far. Very loud for 36W. Built in wattage...
  10. kherman

    I'm a "Lefty" that learned to play the "Right" way. ;)

    Other than playing guitar and batting, I do everything else like eating, writing, using tools, etc... left handed. But, for some reason fretting with the left hand just seems more natural. It's also made it easier to try out guitars since leftys tend to be harder to come by. I did pick up a...
  11. kherman

    NUGD Signature T Gold Top

    After decades of not owning a "Gibson" LP. I finally have one again. Last one I owned was an 80's LP Studio back in the 80's. I picked up this 2013 LP Signature T Gold Top locally off Craig's list. Seller was a really nice guy. Kept the guitar in really great shape. Very clean. Only some light...
  12. kherman

    Nfgd: Ltd 401 ow.

    Well, It was supposed to be New "Free" Guitar Day. but, instead turned out to be New "F'd Up" Guitar Day. We have a points rewards program at work. But, the program is going away. So, I needed to use up my points. The catalog had some ESPs in there and I had enough points to get 401 series...
  13. kherman

    sealed fretboards.

    It always seems the mij, mik, mii, mic imports have a sealer on the fretboard. So, when you go to oil the fretboard, the oil just sits on top and never soaks in. what do you guys usaully do to remove this sealer. Or do you just leave it. Here's an example of a Edwards on Ebay right now that...
  14. kherman

    Squier CV

    Not your kids junky beginner guitar. Squier 50's Classic Vibe Strat. I've read many good things on different forums about this series. All I can say is "WOW". Definitely bang for your buck. I was looking for a good inexpensive Strat. Found this at the local Music-go-Round used. It's in like...
  15. kherman

    Band Video. Using my Edwards LPC

    HEDDA - Heaven's Fate - YouTube Our song "Heaven's Fate". More of a straight forward metal tune.:slash: Used my Edwards LPC Sykes guitar for the vid. Here's another with my Carvin gear. HEDDA - Thirteen Angels - YouTube More proggy metal style. "Thirteen Angels" Let me know what you...
  16. kherman

    My Edwards and Diodati in action.

    Here's the latest HEDDA song "See the light". Play it loud and let me know what you think. We've been working on getting our production sounding better than what last years E.P. sounded. Gear I used. Guitars: Diodati 59Q LP with Carvin H22n/C22b pickups. (ESP) Edwards LP Custom...
  17. kherman

    New Cab Day. Jet City 2x12

    Just got it in late afternoon. Haven't had a chance to actually jam on it yet. Plus, I still need to break in the speakers. But, construction wise it seems pretty solid. Glad to see it's the newer version that allows you to make it closed or open back. Tech Specs...
  18. kherman

    PLEASE, take a listen!!

    HEDDA on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Please go to our myspace page and take a listen to the remix of our song "The Gates". And let us know what you think. We're hoping to submit this for the prog power compilation cd. Basically the reviews of...
  19. kherman

    Our HEDDA video is up!

    Nothing extravagant. Our drummer Jef just took the camcorder footage from the studio session and made it into a video of our song "Never Yield". It's just cool to say we have a video up! :) YouTube - HEDDA - Never Yield
  20. kherman

    GOTW. Show us yours!

    My Gibby Explorer Pro Week # 13.

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