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  1. cjpeck

    How dare you, Lt. Dave

  2. cjpeck

    rise up my brothers and sisters, witness the violence inherent in the mods

    It's an hour before friday, but I just got off the phone with some friends in Rothiemurchus. It's Friday in Scotland sneeches...
  3. cjpeck

    An indecent proposal, or, a call for a Completely Harebrained Autonomous Zone

    @LtDave32 @VictorB @Roberteaux Silence is Violence. Don't you want to be on the right side of history?
  4. cjpeck

    It's Friday and I'm sick of Mod Brutality

  5. cjpeck

    Not sorry, just a long goodbye...

    It's Friday. And it's been a while...
  6. cjpeck

    Some people's kids...

    My place looks over the intersection of East Roy St. and Belmont Ave East. It's a pretty fucked up little intersection: non-90 degree street off of the North leg, and stop signs only coming from the West and South. Cars moving West on Roy and South(ish) on Belmont do not stop. Cars moving East...
  7. cjpeck

    It's Friday, Sneetches. For real...

  8. cjpeck

    It's Friday, Sneeches.

    because I was asked, and it's been a while. And it's Friday. Had to reign it in last Friday, but I've been in the scotch today. So here's the next installment of "This Week In My Les Paul". @Who @Shred Astaire anyone else that wants to be pinged for the festivities let me know and I'll...
  9. cjpeck

    you know A. Stradivari made geetars, right?

    Quick vid of a Stradivarius guitar from 1679. Pretty cool.
  10. cjpeck

    balanced output into pedals?

    question came up in regards to hypothetical guitar rigs... suppose you were running into a preamp that only had a balanced xlr output. Could you use an xlr-to-1/4" adapter and then run into a couple of pedals then into the board? I has hanging with a bass dude and a drummer at lunch and I...
  11. cjpeck

    Found you a geetar, Fezz

    @Tim Fezziwig Nice jazzmaster, old body, vintage pickups, new neck, new 57 chevy paint. I haven't picked up a new geetar in 6 years, but this one may dent the wallet.
  12. cjpeck

    some heroes don't wear capes...

    I was headed up to the studio a half hour ago and on the corner of Roy and Broadway I saw her. 10 am on Monday morning Still a little hung over wearing her bridesmaid's dress comfy dancing shoes still on bouquet in hand pacing a little waiting the last five minutes before Coffee Joe's opened...
  13. cjpeck

    MLP week in review. Sorry Dave.

    EWWW GAWWWD DAYUM! You too, Vic.
  14. cjpeck

    and G. Britain says "Florida, hold mah beer!"

    you Brits are getting awfully crazy about this brexit stuff.... and before someone says it, yes I know what southend is.
  15. cjpeck

    IT'S FRIDAY, SNEECHES. You know what time it is?

    That's right. It's time to wrap up the week on the backpage in less than two minutes.
  16. cjpeck

    ruh roh, another Swedish girl with an opinion....

    Presented for your perusal: hey, wait a second. Is this girl talking sense????? How can that be?
  17. cjpeck

    And another thing. All these puns....

  18. cjpeck

    What happened to Fridays?

    used to be I'd come home from a gig on Friday night and there'd be a few threads to point and laugh at. Now it's just blah blah blah. No outrage. No mental imbalance. No Fire. It's just meh. I get a Friday night at home so I grab a pepperoni and shroom pie from Big Mario and sit down to read...
  19. cjpeck

    when you know you have to pass as soon as you show up to the audition

    You may think that this is a joke. It's not.

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