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  1. AlanBiker

    Falling down the "Hey Joe" rabbit hole

    I really like this version, Alan
  2. AlanBiker

    Limerick Time..

    There was a lady from Cape Cod Who wanted a baby from God It wasn't the almighty That went up her nightie It was the Vicar the dirty old sod. Alan
  3. AlanBiker

    Opinions please about this 2016 Traditional

    I've had my 2016 Traditional from new and it does not have a PCB. My 2016 SG Standard does. Alan
  4. AlanBiker

    Volkswagen apologizes for being... RACIST!

    By the time they get to their 70's they look like aliens. Brit was on a programme here recently and she looks awful, lips like car tyres and she can't even blink. Alan
  5. AlanBiker

    Lightest Electric guitars, apart from SG's

    Just curious but - what's not to like about SG's? my 2016 Standard weighs 6lb's. Alan
  6. AlanBiker

    Pole Vaulting

    Cold war joke, News just in. The East German Pole Vault Champion is now the West German Pole Vault Champion. Alan
  7. AlanBiker

    Having a sick pet is absolutely the most helpless feeling...

    Sad times and I feel for you but I'm sure you have many happy memories of your furry family member. Its been three years for me since I lost this boy, Ozzy my English Springer Spaniel. I still see and hear him and I don't think I will get another dog, but that's just me (I'm no spring chicken...
  8. AlanBiker

    Captain Toms Flypast

    Make sure to have the sound on to hear the Merlins roar
  9. AlanBiker

    Things you miss...

    I miss my biking, had a bit of a thing for Kawasakis.
  10. AlanBiker

    Lost WWII film and story. VERY cool!

    As far as I know there are only two left flying, the other is in Canada I think. Alan
  11. AlanBiker

    Lost WWII film and story. VERY cool!

    This is still flying as part of the BBMF based at RAF Coningsby. I took this picture when I was based at RAF Waddington sometime in the late 1980's. Google Battle of Britain Memorial Flight for more info.
  12. AlanBiker

    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    There were four Royal Navy Frigates built in Bombay in the early 1800's, 32 guns and built using Teak. One of them is still afloat, HMS Trincomolee is a museum ship at Hartlepool. Alan
  13. AlanBiker

    Rockstars acting in movies

    Jagger also played the Australian outlaw Ned Kelly. It was shit. Alan
  14. AlanBiker

  15. AlanBiker

    My 1st Gibson Les Paul!

    You can get a transparent one like my Traditional now has, I always thought the flame was too nice to cover up. Alan
  16. AlanBiker

    My 1st Gibson Les Paul!

    Nice guitar and I'm sure you will enjoy it. When I took the pickguard off mine for a while I put the screws back into the holes - not ideal but looks a lot better than leaving them open. Alan
  17. AlanBiker

    Altered Carbon Season 2 is now on Netflix

    I really enjoyed the book but I thought the TV series was a bit thin. Alan
  18. AlanBiker

    The Land Where You Were Born.

    In the Cathedral City of Durham UK, resting place of St Cuthbert. Alan
  19. AlanBiker

    50 years ago today..

    I have the same version from 1970, the letter that made me laugh was the one from EMI Records to Kit Lambert politely turning them down!!:laugh2::rofl: Alan
  20. AlanBiker

    50 years ago today..

    The Who performed at Leeds University on February 14th 1970 and the recording was released in May to become perhaps the greatest Live album ever. (IMHO) Alan

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