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  1. drew365

    Your Roland Experience!

    I have two nice tube amps, but the only amp that leaves the house is my Roland Blues Cube Artist. It's really a great sounding amp and light. I've gigged it numerous times. I put a delay in the loop and a couple of dirt pedals in the front, and I'm good.
  2. drew365

    New Boss Katana loud hum when cable connected

    I wouldn't rush out and buy a cable. I think you have no real problem, just inexperience at this point. Remember that a lot of the tones we like to hear are over saturated tubes that are breaking up, harmonics and all kinds of "noises" that we amplify and need to learn to tame. First, do what...
  3. drew365

    Kahn amp heads?

    Are they tube amps?
  4. drew365

    Just a little fun... Remixed track from the late 90's - Replaced Gtrs with Kemper

    Interesting comparison. The Kemper tracks have a little more definition, but I kind of like the POD tracks better. With all of the hype we give new products now a days, I would have expected the POD to sound like poo. It didn't.
  5. drew365

    Fret height vs action

    I have a '66 Guild Starfire and it has tiny vintage frets. They measure .036". Even though I've had the guitar since new and it was my only guitar for about 40 years, I don't really like the small frets. As was noted above, it makes it difficult to do nice bends, which I do a lot of. I would...
  6. drew365

    Let's hear your playing through your rig

    Nice job. That must be a lot of work.
  7. drew365

    Let's hear your playing through your rig

    Needs more kazoo but sounds great otherwise! :yesway: I usually click "Share" and copy the link that comes up rather than copying the upper page address.
  8. drew365

    My dream machine

    I definitely think your dream machine is a dream. The idea that you could put all of that functionality into one box just to eliminate the computer and mouse, and have it easy to operate, would be a magic trick. Then you want it to access internet backing tracks and walla, you have a computer...
  9. drew365

    Let's hear your playing through your rig

    Sounds great. Really needs vocals. No one is going to not like a song because of the bass sound, except a bass player, and nobody cares what they think!
  10. drew365

    Let's hear your playing through your rig

    After hearing franky post his take on The Thrill is Gone, this morning, I remembered that I played around with a similar backing track awhile ago. I may have already posted this one, I don't remember, so excuse me if I did. This would have been using my Helix floor. Pretty clean all the way...
  11. drew365

    NGD... Can't wait for this one.

    I have a JP15 Blueberry Burst with a quilted maple top, mahogany body and roasted maple neck. Pretty much a perfect guitar for me. I play it through everything, Helix, tube amps, solid state amps and it always sounds great.
  12. drew365

    New helix update is available

    I haven't had a chance to play around with it yet. But I was able to update my floor, stomp and native, all without any problems.
  13. drew365

    Let's talk Ownhammer vs. Celestion IRs

    I have a bunch of Ownhammer and Celestions that I like and use often. I really like Live Ready Sound also. But my favorite IR is the ML Soundlab Best in the World. I don't know what it is, but it usually sounds good no matter what I'm playing.
  14. drew365

    Let's hear your playing through your rig

    Here's the broadcast recording of the other song that they played an hour after the first one. We recorded both of these songs in one ten hour session at a Los Angeles studio. The only thing we didn't do in that session is the final mix. We went back and spent another couple of hours on that...
  15. drew365

    Let's hear your playing through your rig

    I'm stretching things here, but hope you guys can appreciate this. My band Topanga Rush recorded two original songs and we're getting some attention. We have two radio stations in South Africa playing the songs, because our male vocalist is originally from South Africa. The one station debuted...
  16. drew365

    First big-boy amp question – advice please!

    I know a lot of guys will mock this, but an Egnater Rebel 30 MkII will give you a lot of options for not much money and sound good doing it. What I like about them is they are not a one trick pony.
  17. drew365

    Which friedman pedal to get

    Yes, I had turned it down to about 9 o'clock previously. I just put it at 7o'clock. I'll give that a try when my wife leaves the house, which should be in about six weeks! What surprised me in that video is the BE still sounded kind of buzzy even with the gain knob all the way down. No idea...
  18. drew365

    Which friedman pedal to get

    Based on the video you posted, I think you made the right choice. I have a BE-OD and I consider it buzzy, which is what I heard in the video. I might consider swapping it for a DS pedal now.
  19. drew365

    Need some smooth dirty tone!!

    I have a BE-OD and I don't consider it smooth. It's always kind of buzzy to me, which is why it's sitting on the shelf. Maybe I need to put more time into it.
  20. drew365

    HH Strat 1volume 1tone

    I did a custom pickguard for a partscaster that I put together. I kept the volume up high, so I could grab it with my pinky. I slotted the five way switch between the pots. I cut the holes myself, including the slot for the five way. That was a little tricky, but it came out nice. I sold the...

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