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  1. drew365

    Tube Swappin'

    I want to play around with some different preamp tubes in one of my amps. It currently has 12AX7's in it. I have a box of tubes that are all good. Please 'splain to me what I can expect. I have: EH 12AY7, JJ ECC81, JJ ECC83S, JJ 5751 Am I correct in thinking that the 12 AY7's will have the most...
  2. drew365

    Modeler Guy Went Beserk

    Some of you may remember me as a happy Helix owner that dissed you tube nuts in the Modeling section. I'm still a happy Helix owner. But my cover band broke up and lately I've been scheming on getting a new tube amp for jam nights. Well tonight I did it big time. I ordered a Koch "The Greg". A...
  3. drew365

    Magnatone Super Fifteen

    Anyone notice this new amp from Magnatone? Seems like a pretty nice small combo for both gigging and studio work. It got a pretty good review in GP: Here's one of their quotes: "Its bright, gutsy sound leans in a British direction, and...
  4. drew365

    Fishman Gristle Tone pups

    Anyone use these Greg Koch signature pups on their Tele? I have an Elite Tele with N4's that I'm thinking of putting these on. I like the fact that they're noiseless. I have the Fluence single coils on a Strat and both voices sound really good. But the Gristle Tones are pretty expensive, so I...
  5. drew365

    Warmouth Quality Partscaster Daphne Blue

    Warmouth Strat with the best of everything. Fender Custom Shop Fat 50’s in neck and middle position, Seymour Duncan Pearly Gate in bridge, with coil split at push / pull volume pot CTS 500k tone pot, .022 cap, for bridge. CTS 250k tone pot, .047 cap, for single coils. Warmouth Alder Daphne Blue...
  6. drew365

    Is it real or is it Helix / Variax?

    I was going to post this because it's pretty cool to see more guys out playing with a Helix/Variax rig. But check out this vocalist. Damn! Actually when the vocalist takes off his glasses, he looks a little bit like Page.
  7. drew365

    B9 / C9 / Key9 - Which One?

    I want to get one of these to just add a little flavor to certain songs when I playing rhythm behind the other guitarist. We're mainly a cover band, leaning towards heavier high energy type of songs, mixed with a few originals. One example of a song that needs it is SRV's "Crossfire". Anyone...
  8. drew365

    Craig's List / Pay Pal Scam?

    I've just listed a couple of items on Craig's List. I'm use to the scammers wanting to send a courier with a money order. Now they want to use PayPal. How does this work for them? If PayPal sends a notice that they have received payment, can they rescind that later? I've always shipped stuff as...
  9. drew365

    Carvin CS424S w/ Duncan Bonamassa Pickups

    SOLD!!! Carvin CS424S – Honeyburst Duncan / Bonamassa pickups custom made by MJ with 4 conductor for coil splitting CTS 500k volume pots, Carvin tone pots with coil split Mahogany solid body and neck - .804”, .880” – Clear Satin finish Maple plain top Ebony fret board – 14” radius...
  10. drew365

    Warmouth Strat - Daphne Blue- Best of Everything

    Fender Custom Shop Fat 50’s in neck and middle position, CTS pots Seymour Duncan Pearly Gate in bridge Warmouth Alder Daphne Blue body with battery holder for future use Hard Tail, string through Warmouth ModernBirdseye Maple neck and fret board, clear satin nitro finish, ’59 Round Profile...
  11. drew365

    Help Me Decide

    I planned on getting a Variax with a black body / black pickguard, and putting a Warmouth maple neck / maple fretboard on it. But the Olympic White / mint pickguard has caught my attention. You don't see too many white guitars with a maple neck and FB and I always think they look pretty good...
  12. drew365

    Helix / Variax does The Doobie Bros.!

    John McFee is a convert. Pretty cool. It's spreading like wild fire. I may buy my third Variax tonight. I'm having trouble justifying a normal guitar purchase lately. This next Variax will take the place of a new LP I almost bought a week ago. I couldn't sell myself on why I needed an LP, but...
  13. drew365

    Helix does King Crimson

    One of my favorite bands. Very cool. The times they keep on changing.
  14. drew365

    Weight of Standard HP vs Classic HP

    I know I lost most of you with the HP part. But, yeah I'm interested in an HP. I like everything about them except the turners, which are easily replaced. Gibson shows the Standard HP as "ultra modern weight relieved", and the body alone as being 4# 7oz. I don't see a total weight listed. They...
  15. drew365

    9V Battery Life / Flashback Delay

    I have a small pedal board that I take to jam nights. I use 9v batteries so that I don't have to mess with finding a socket and carrying an extension cord. I'm finding that my Flashback delay pedal goes through batteries really fast. I use the same copper top batteries in all the pedals, and I...
  16. drew365

    Alternate Speaker Choices

    I've been wondering if there is an active speaker choice that would slot in between a wedge type FRFR and a guitar cab. Basically something with a little more warmth, but I could still use IR's in my patches. I've come up with two possibilities. 1. Xitone M Britt Open Back - It's 400w, 1x12...
  17. drew365

    Old National Amp

    I went to an out door blues festival yesterday. The opening act was an old blues player named Bernie Pearl. He played through an old National amp that looked like it had been on stage for a very long time. It had an image on the grill cloth, that looked like a bird, but I'm not sure if that's...
  18. drew365

    DiMarzio Sonic Ecstasy

    Has anyone tried these pickups? I have a JP15 Blueberry Burst. I love the guitar but not crazy about the Illuminator pickups it came with. I wonder if these new pickups that were made for the JP16 are much different or not. They seem to be voiced more towards the low mids. My problem with the...
  19. drew365

    Pete Thorn / Helix / Tube Amp

    Here's a video that Pete just uploaded showing him playing with his new Helix rack, putting it through a tube head, then back into the Helix to add an IR. I guess he just wants to show you can do what ever you want with these units.
  20. drew365

    Confused about multi tracking

    I'm a dinosaur. The last time I recorded multi tracks was on a 1/2 tape Tascam 80-8. I've been recording guitar parts on my computer for several years. I use a Presonus Audio Box 22VSL into a laptop with Mixcraft 7 loaded. Now, I'm wondering what I need to record a drum set with more mic...

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