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  1. dyrhee

    NGD: 1960 60th Anniversary V2 VOS Orange Lemon Fade

    I picked up a 60th anniversary R0 V2. I should have it early next week. I'll post more pictures after I receive it. Looking forward to this! :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:
  2. dyrhee


    All set. Thanks.
  3. dyrhee

    NGD: 1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom

    Been a long while since I posted on here. Hope everyone is doing well! Just picked up a new '74 Cherryburst Custom with modded middle pickup. I won't get until early next week, but I thought I'd post the listing pictures. :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
  4. dyrhee

    NGD: '79 Custom 3 Pup

    Hey guys: Just checking in with my new '77 Custom that I received today. It's not light, 10.1 lbs. And it's a factory "second" and supposedly it's because of a finish flaw on the neck coming down from the headstock into the 3 piece neck. Fretless wonders are tough to play, but sounds great...
  5. dyrhee

    NGD: '73 Deluxe Tobaccoburst

    So, I finally got my hands on an early '73 deluxe routed like I wanted (Ace'd). So far, so good, sounds and plays great! It's a good weight too, around 8.5lbs. Special thanks goes out to the Norlin King, 69Goldtop for giving me a great deal on a routed deluxe, and helping me Ace it out...
  6. dyrhee

    '73 deluxe & '73 standard opinions

    Hey guys, Asking for some comments and concerns about these 2 that I'm considering. Yes, even comments on price which I think they both are overpriced! If I go with the deluxe, it would get re-routed for full size hums. As for the standard, did they actually make a standard in '73? Thanks for...
  7. dyrhee

    NGD: '73 Custom Norlin INBOUND

    I'll have this by Tuesday. Been looking for a good condition early norlin ebony custom, and I finally pulled the trigger. I will have more pics once I get it. And yes, I am going to ACE it out!:laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
  8. dyrhee

    True Historic Plastics

    Quick question: God forbid, if your TH pickup rings, pickguard, or jack plate cracks, how do you replace? I contacted Gibson and they say that the TH plastics are not available for after market purchase. So, SOL?:laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
  9. dyrhee

    Early 70s Deluxe Mod

    Hi Guys: I was going to post this in the "Custom Shop" section, but it seems that you Norlin folks may know quite a lot about this...So, I'm looking at an early 70's deluxe that has been routed for full size hums. Any advice on whether this is a good job would help. I've seen some where...
  10. dyrhee

    Show us your "Frehleybursts"!

    JimmyAce2006 suggested that someone come up with a creative title such as "Show us your Frehleybursts", but I couldn't be any more creative. Let's see them!:laugh2::laugh2::laugh2: AF056
  11. dyrhee

    NGD: Ace Frehley '59 Vintage Gloss AF056

    Just got this today! Ace Frehley '59 'Burst Vintage Gloss AF056:laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
  12. dyrhee

    Ace Frehley played guitar?

    Is this a joke? Look at the bridge, tuners, toggle switch, and switch by the knobs? Definitely not a '74, not even sure it's a real Gibson. And I know Ace likes the big frets which this does not have. Sig looks real though...:laugh2::laugh2::laugh2: Ace Frehley Owned Played and Signed w...
  13. dyrhee

    Ace Frehley: Northern Lights Theatre; Milwaukee, WI 2014

    Just got back from watching Ace at the Northern Lights Theatre in Milwaukee, WI. Loud, proud, and unapologetic. Sounded amazing! Love his current lineup. Here's the setlist and some pics! Rip It Out Gimme A Feelin' Toys Parasite Snow Blind Love Gun Breakout Space Invader King of...
  14. dyrhee

    Possible New Ace Signature

    I heard Ace talking about Gibson approaching him about a new signature model. He said he was scratching his head on which one to do. He said something along the lines of, "maybe the standard that I started Kiss with or Black Custom". I think he meant the Deluxe he started Kiss...
  15. dyrhee

    1974 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Tobaccoburst

    For Sale: Vintage 1974 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. It is all original except for the strap lock pegs, jackplate, vol/tone knobs. It has dunlop strap lock pegs, creamtone period correct vol/tone knobs. Bridge is original, but is a bit warped from age, can be bent back into shape or replaced. The...
  16. dyrhee

    Pot Washers

    I've got pointer pot washers on my LP now, looking for a set without the pointers, any idea where I might find a set of 4? Checked ebay, no luck there. Thanks.
  17. dyrhee

    WTB: Pot washers

    I'm looking for a set of 4 pot washers WITHOUT the pointers. I currently have pointers on my LP now and I'd like to swap them out for ones without pointers. Any idea where I can get a set or if anyone wants to sell a set?:hmm: Thanks guys!
  18. dyrhee

    LP Deluxe Knob Replacement Help!

    Hi guys, I'm trying to replace the tone and volume knobs on my '74 deluxe and am having difficulty. The ones that are on there now are the bell shaped knobs. I assumed I could just pull them off like the modern les pauls, is there a way to get these things off? They feel like they're glued...
  19. dyrhee

    ABR-1 Bridge Vintage/different brands

    I have a '74 Deluxe which is need of a new bridge, it currently has the original gibson abr-1 on it and naturally it has sagged over the years. The posts have also started to lean which also need to be replaced. The guitar sounds great and I'd like to preserve the same tone as much as...
  20. dyrhee

    NGD: 1974 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

    Sold the '76. Got a '74 Deluxe Tobacco in great condition, plays amazing. Enjoy pics while they last, cuz it's going under the knife.

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