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  1. cmerch

    Gibson Les Paul Case 1989/90

    Older les paul case, brown with pink plush shroud. In my limited research, I found it to be a 1989? If anyone knows more, feel free to chime in. See Reverb link for details. $225 shipped/pp'd here @ MLP Open to trades as well, just pm me.
  2. cmerch

    2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded **SOLD**

    Got this one in a trade a while ago. Plenty of genuine playwear, 60's neck may have been lightly sanded, feels really nice and fast. Frets are still really good. Weighs 9 lbs. Will do $OLD shipped/pp'd for MLP. Here's the Reverb link...
  3. cmerch


    I have a really nice 2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded with a nice comfortable 50's neck. I have it listed on Reverb for $2000 shipped, but could do $on hold$ shipped/pp'd here through MLP. PM me if you have any questions...
  4. cmerch

    Phaez Daisycutter 8 watt **SOLD**

    I have a Phaez Daisycutter chassis for sale. Accepts 6V6, 6L6, el34 power tube. Single ended, about 8 watts. 2 12ax7's in the preamp. Great little amp, just not getting any play these days. Has 4/8/16 ohm taps and an effects loop. I'll include a 6V6 and a el34 power tube, and the 2 12ax7's. 6...
  5. cmerch

    Sold please delete

    Excellent condition 2019 Gibson SG Standard in heritage cherry. 50's neck is pretty beefy but still really comfortable.There is some very light swirling on the pickguard, but the guitar looks like new. Comes with all the case candy and a Gibson gig bag. Don't mind any weird reflections on the...
  6. cmerch


    2016 Fender Telecaster Elite in excellent condition. Guitar is stock except for the pickguard. Comes in a Fender molded TSA case. Currently set up with 9's, and plays like butter. The compound profile/radius on the neck makes it extremely easy to play. More traditional rosewood fingerboard, as...
  7. cmerch

    Philly : 2005 Les Paul Standard Faded

    Spotted this and tried to get him to ship to me but no go, so I figured I'd put it out there to a local. It's definitely got some battle scars, but I already have 2 of these, and they're GREAT guitars. Also, I offered him $1200, which he accepted before I asked him to ship. YOU'RE WELCOME...
  8. cmerch

    Gibson Burstbucker Pro Set

    Set of Burstbucker Pro pickups. As new. Pulled from an '05 standard faded. Full leads as pulled from guitar. $155 shipped/pp'd. From Gibson... The BurstBucker Pro™ enhances the vintage "edge" of Gibson's popular BurstBucker™ pickups with the added feature of an Alnico 5 magnet. In 2000...
  9. cmerch

    *SOLD, Please Delete*

    I Have a few pedals I'd like to move along. All in great shape w boxes EHX Q-Tron Plus envelope filter. Built in loop. Like new w box and power supply $old Keeley Phat Mod Blues Driver. Great condition w/box. $old Red Witch Deluxe Moon Phaser. Really cool pedal w some unique sounds. $old...
  10. cmerch

    Local trade pending, please remove

    I have a 2006 Dr Z Carmen Ghia 18 watt head in red tolex for sale or trade. It's a great amp with a well deserved reputation, I'm just moving towards (even) lower wattage amps as I'm basically a bedroom player these days. I'm open to trade offers, though I'm not really looking for anything...
  11. cmerch


    Electro Harmonix Electric Piano Machine Key9 pedal. Pretty neat pedal, fun to play with. Not getting much use here, so time to move it on. Comes w box and adapter. $140 pp/shipped.
  12. cmerch

    2016 Gibson Les Paul Jr Single Coil Limited $675

    I have a 2016 limited run Les Paul Junior single coil I'm looking to sell. It's a great guitar, upgraded tuners, frets have been levelled, plays really nicely. I took it in a trade, and need some $ for another piece of gear I'm after. I didn't expect to like the pickups as much as I do. I even...
  13. cmerch

    PSA 2019 Les Paul Junior DC Tribute

    I just snagged one of these on Reverb @ CME for $799 to my door! I don't imagine they'll last very long, get one while you can!!
  14. cmerch

    Soundbrenner Pulse wearable metronome

    Got this in a trade, not something I'm likely to use, but a pretty cool idea. In "like new" condition, everything included except the box. $75 shipped. Open to trades and offers, sort of looking for a double cream bridge or double black neck lower output PAF... Check out the video, it'll be...
  15. cmerch

    FS/FT 2011 Sunburst American Standard Fully Loaded Strat Body Callaham/Texas Specials

    I have for sale or trade a 2011 American Standard Stratocaster fully loaded body, sunburst in color. Stock except for the Callaham block and Texas Special pickups currently installed. Has one visible ding on the top outer edge just in front of where your right arm would rest and cover it up...
  16. cmerch

    PSA Long and McQuade Nova Scotia

    If you live near here, and are looking for a great Les Paul, run, don't walk to the Nova Scotia store and steal a Standard Faded 50's Honeyburst for $1339 cad. Thats $1072 USA. I called, they won't ship it to me here in the US, so unless someone wants to ship it to me and let me buy it, I'm...
  17. cmerch

    Sold 2007 Les Paul Standard Faded

    Couple of new pics added... I have for sale a stock 2007 Les Paul Standard in honeyburst. It's in good condition, a couple dings but nothing major. No repairs/breaks. All original, original case. 60's neck, burstbucker pros, nickel hardware. Comes with pickguard, never installed. Very light...
  18. cmerch

    BareKnuckle Nantucket P90 Bridge pickup

    Was installed briefly, still has all the lead. Cream cover, w original box. Soap bar. I Like the pickup, enough to take it out of the P90 guitar I sold, but I haven't had a guitar to put it in for a while, so on it goes. I'd like to get $95 pp/shipped/lower 48 but am open to offers and trades...
  19. cmerch

    Callaham Vintage Strat bridge

    I have a Callaham Vintage (2 7/32 mounting and string spacing) bridge assembly, short trem arm, for sale. It is distressed as well. Complete assembly but for 2 springs. If I can find them, I'll add them as well. Would like to get $110 pp/shipped. Open to trades as well, am looking for a 36th...
  20. cmerch

    WTB/WTTF Phaez Pasadena

    I am interested in a Phaez Pasadena head, or possibly the right combo. I have some gear I could offer up in trade to interested parties or could do $ as well. Prefer a head with a headshell, but would be open to a well done combo w/ a speaker out. I have a '04 Gibson lp jr, an american...

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