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  1. Udonitron

    Hot pepper challenge - Harmonizator LMFAO

    This is GOLD...pure tears and out of breath stuff here :laugh2:
  2. Udonitron

    1978 Japanese ES335 Top Cracks, Should I Be Concerned?

    Hey Folks, Bought a nice old ES335, Kasuga Japan made, and I know these to be the typical 2 piece center seamed top and backs (never seen this make with a 3 piece maple neck however so that is a nice change). His auction details stated it had a 2 piece back and 3 piece top and I found that...
  3. Udonitron

    Ace Tone Fuzz Wah FW-1 Headaches - Need Help Please

    Hello Chaps Hopefully someone will have some suggestions or ideas for me. I have had this Ace Tone FW-1 for about 6 months and other than having to wire in a new battery connector it has been working just fine. The Wah pedal trip switch pops when engaging and disengaging but otherwise all...
  4. Udonitron

    Awesome Zeppelin Covers

    Amazing stuff this :thumb: http://youtube/JYuOZnAqQCY Damn YouTube not embedding! FAIL
  5. Udonitron

    The Super Duper "Is this a good deal?" Single Cuts Helper Thread

    I don't recall if we had one of these threads, did we? :hmm: Couldn't find anything with a quick search but maybe this will clear up the clutter a bit with all the random posts asking quick questions? I know we have the MIJ Mystery Thread but perhaps a central place to post "local and auction...
  6. Udonitron

    Show Us Your Delicious Fat Juicy Grained Backsides!

    We are always creaming ourselves over the kick ass tops on our guitars but what about the ignored equally lovely backsides that comprise about 75% of the guitar? :hmm: I like detailed backs I cannot lie! :thumb:
  7. Udonitron

    The Definitive 'Other Single Cuts & Beyond' NGD Thread - Now With More Eye Candy!

    Why not, right? Easier to post em all here and get all that new eye candy in one place vs individual threads for a NGD that get forever buried within a couple of days. Plus all us junkies will keep this thread bumped up daily I am sure :thumb: I do not recall one of these being made...
  8. Udonitron

    Does THIS look like the same damage to you?

    So the buyer who bought my Bacchus on ebay without one question then decided to email me daily while it was being shipped with questions. Eventually I stopped replying as I KNEW he would be one of those people who would follow up with "this is not how you said or showed in your auction" etc...
  9. Udonitron

    German Official: Xbox One Spying Capabilities a "Twisted Nightmare"

    This really is a little scary. Still prefer my ad free, free to play, PS3 so I am looking forward to the PS4 deets at E3... Friggen Michaelsoft! Germany privacy chief Peter Schaar calls Xbox One a "twisted nightmare" for Kinect spying potential.
  10. Udonitron

    Unlocking the truth is the most brutal sixth grade metal band ever

    How awesome is this!? Next Bad Brains I hope! A heavy metal trio composed of three sixth graders, Malcolm Brickhouse, Jarad Dawkins and Alec Atkins. Man why do my Youtube vids never embed :hmm:
  11. Udonitron

    Unlocking the truth is the most brutal sixth grade metal band ever

    How awesome is this!? Next Bad Brains?? A heavy metal trio composed of three sixth graders, Malcolm Brickhouse, Jarad Dawkins and Alec Atkins.]BRUTAL BREAKDOWN - Unlocking the Truth - YouTube
  12. Udonitron

    Queens of the Stone Age LIVE on NPR playing their new album @ 8 PST

    Tune in if you are a fan QotSA..the sold-out show at The Wiltern in Los Angeles is live on NPR First Listen Live: Queens Of The Stone Age, '...Like Clockwork' : NPR
  13. Udonitron

    The Idiots & Non-Payers of eBay Thread: Post & Block em!

    So had an idiot by the user name of mscottwalker back out of the LP Jr single cut a week after he bought it...started pulling the million questions and wondering what the actual maker was and that it had a 3 screw truss cover, that he noticed a week AFTER purchase and not in the 30 photos during...
  14. Udonitron

    1966 Elk Echo Twin Amp 45 Tremolux Cabinet Project

    Nevermind...ignore this lame thread
  15. Udonitron

    It's Time for The WORST Album Covers of All Time!

    Time for some Thursday funnies! LMFAO!! :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2: Worst Album Covers of All Time | The Blog
  16. Udonitron

    1968 Japanese Tubed Guyatone GA-240 Issues

    Hey Guys Here is the scoop: I just recapped my Guyatone 8w tube amp a few weeks back, got the tremolo working and all was good in the world (this thing sounds killer and LOUD with only a 10w 6" alnico speaker!). Now the amp had some mild humming issues and when turned on you could feel the...
  17. Udonitron

    John From Terrapin Guitars Needs Some Help

    Hey Guys Not sure if any of you folks know John Polk from Terrapin Guitars or have placed orders from his shop but John is a cool cat and makes some of the best custom guards etc in the business! I recently placed an order for a custom guard from him and inquired how things were going. I was...
  18. Udonitron

    Chaplin's Monumental Movie Clip = Floored Me

    This old movie clip was and forever shall be ahead of its time I think. Charlie Chaplin in a whole new light and speaks poignantly about life and our species in such transparency. If we only followed watch. :) ONE OF THE GREATEST POSTS ON YOUTUBE SO FAR! - YouTube
  19. Udonitron

    Schticky Up Your Fur?

    Haha...the pussy bit was just the same little crude jab as the "you're gonna love my nuts" Classic
  20. Udonitron

    What Phish Sounds Like To People Who Don't Like Phish haha


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