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  1. Luboy

    What song says "Gibson" to you?

    great ac/dc song, but it's actually one of theirs that's easier to imagine on a non-gibson (say a tele).
  2. Luboy

    2016 LP Traditional Iced Tea - Over 3 Years on the same strings?!

    that's wild. there is a thing about old strings where they're first horrible but as they get older they turn nice again, in a different way from new strings. works great on basses, acoustics and strats. haven't tried it on an lp.
  3. Luboy

    Unpopular Opinions

    honestly I became even more critical of them after I got a bunch. Sure they're mostly fine and/or great, but there's so much to criticize given the prices.
  4. Luboy

    78-79 The Paul neck profile?

    got the guitar. the neck starts off thin at the first fret and gets to a nice size as you go up. definitely more comfy than say a thin '60s slim' or a 'modern C'. the shoulders also help, i was worried the neck would be too 'crampy'. the sustain on this guitar is pretty wild.
  5. Luboy

    78-79 The Paul neck profile?

    i have a 1978 on the way, probably a better deal than the new ones. will add my opinion of the neck too once i get to spend some time with it.
  6. Luboy

    78-79 The Paul neck profile?

    thanks for the replies, and thanks for the measurements judson.
  7. Luboy

    78-79 The Paul neck profile?

    Hi, I've been curious about the neck thickness of the first/second year production walnut The Pauls. I understand that it varied from guitar to guitar, has anyone had experience with multiple early The Paul guitars? There are bits of info regarding their necks on this forum, but I haven't been...
  8. Luboy

    What Were They Thinking?

    it's cool, wouldn't mind owning
  9. Luboy

    Do R9s hold their value?

    the value fluctuates. a decade from now the story might be different on the 'good as new/excellent' ones.
  10. Luboy

    Warhol style: 2 Brazilians, a 60th Anniversary & a True Historic

    i like how a TH is referred to as a 'beater'. not even my squire strat is a beater.
  11. Luboy

    Makeover has begun

    could have gotten a luthier replica for that money, maybe a yaron (if they're even on the market)
  12. Luboy

    Has anybody replaced the pickups in a 2019 60th Anniversary R9 yet?

    if you do go for OX4, get the mediums. they'll be closer in output and sound to your custombuckers. i had a low output ox4 set and it was way too bright and lacking in punch. the mediums sounded much better after i switched them out. current lp has its custombuckers though, don't plan switching...
  13. Luboy

    Oh no! What Have I Done?

    first world problems, not that there's any other type here.
  14. Luboy

    QC comedy or strange damage?

    Not really, too attached already.
  15. Luboy

    QC comedy or strange damage?

    thanks for the response. the lines on my les paul don't look like any of your examples though. and there is in fact darker red, more concentrated red on the lines. this leads me to believe even more that it might be pre-production cracks/shakes, now that you mention it. i'm 100% sure it's in the...
  16. Luboy

    Gibson custom shop r8 2018 - rosewood or ebony fretboard?

    i think it's pretty likely, wood is not doing that great. but that's not the only reason. some people like the idea of pau ferro, the option won't cost them much if they have the wood lying around. i also have a feeling that putting up interesting options on M2M would make the service more...
  17. Luboy

    Gibson custom shop r8 2018 - rosewood or ebony fretboard?

    Pau Ferro is not a bad wood, other than not being 'correct'. I doubt it will be removed, not for that reason anyway.
  18. Luboy

    QC comedy or strange damage?

    what do you mean by grainfill? the clear coat is affected, in that sense that i has sunken, but there are no cracks in the finish, and these lines are too long and straight for it to be regular checking. it's a strange case.
  19. Luboy

    QC comedy or strange damage?

    Yeah, I thought so too. Don't mind the aesthetics, and it if really goes to crap down the line it will get fixed.

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